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DS: Kuro Lolita Set plus size, bxw headdress, black wig and Gaga style hairbow

♥ Terms of Sale ♥
• Shipping costs could be different because of weight of items.
• I don't smoke. I've a cat but I keep him away from my wardrobe.
• I'm not interested in trades at the moment.
• Priority goes to first buyer interested in the item but
confirmation and payment need to be sent within 3 days.

♥ Payment & Shipping ♥
I ship from Italy with safe methods.
I'm not responsible for any packages once shipped but I'll
provide the tracking code asap.
• For shipping in envelope I use standard tracked shipping.
Click here for prices and here to know in what zone you're located.
• For shipping in package (shoes, bags) I prefer EMS because it's
cheaper than standard shipping to oversea (-_-). Within EU
I use Quick Pack Europe, a little cheaper than EMS and tracked.
- Quick Pack up to 1kg to Europe: € 29;
- EMS up to 1kg to USA: € 31;
- EMS up to 1kg to Australia: € 41;
for other locations please ask.

Payment by PayPal only or bank transfer (within EU).
PayPal fees are NOT included in the prices.
PayPal fees are € 0,35 + 3,4% of the total.

♥ Feedback ♥
My feedback page here.

♥ F+F/Retroscope Kuro Lolita Set ♥

Condition: Worn twice, in perfect condition.
Size: Custom-size, measures taken flat:
- Bust 108cm (I have more but it fits me perfectly anyway)
- Waist 96cm
- Shoulder width: 46cm
- Total length: 104cm
- Skirt length: 58cm (lace included)
There's NOT shirring but fabric is a bit stretchy.

Price: € 75 (obo)

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 19
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 29 (America, Asia), € 34 (Oceania)

Set includes: op + headdress (choker not included, sorry!).
Fabric, laces and ribbon are all black.
A beautiful dress bought some years ago from Retroscope, made
by Fanplusfriend.
It's not 100% like in the F+F pics: indeed laces are of better quality
and very soft. The corsage is only in the bust part.
The headdress has been modified by a tailor to make it shorter
(it was so long that covered the ears XD)
As you can see in my photo, the frontal bow is smaller than
in the stock pics.

I really like this dress but I've not any occasion to wear it :(

♥ Black x White Headdress ♥

Condition: Never used.
Size: 38cm (lace included)

Price€ 13

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 7
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 8 (America, Asia), € 9 (Oceania)

A lovely handmade (not by me) headdress made of thick cotton,
satin ribbons and cotton and raschel laces. Also lined :)

♥ Black Wavy Wig ♥

Condition: Used twice, the bottom part is a little kinky.

Price€ 12

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 9,50
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 12,50 (America, Asia), € 16 (Oceania)

I worn it twice when the weather was very cold so the 
bottom part is quite fuzzy ç_ç
I wanted to cut it to remove the ruined part but I had not
any occasion to wear it again.
Besides this, it is perfect.
The material is very soft and absolutely not shiny so
it avoids the cheap-costume effect xD It is very realistic,
perfect for everyday. 

I'll brush it before shipping (I avoid to brush it often because I'm afraid it could
lose too much hair)

♥ Gaga Style Golden Blonde Hairbow  ♥

Condition: Brand new.
Size: 16cm.

Price€ 6

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 7
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 8 (America, Asia), € 9 (Oceania)

A cute bow made of synthetic fiber.
Unfortunately it does not match the colour I need :(
Colour in the photo is pretty similar to reality.

  Old sales: ☆ ☆ 
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F+F black wool short cape

Tags: !ds, *plus size, color:black, fanplusfriend, handmade, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:wigs, taobao
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