neko_nekogami (neko_nekogami) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Dark green JSK/OP/Skirt, black Bolero/Blouse, black and gold accessories

Specifically I am trying to put together this coord:

I already have the shoes, tights, and hair accessory so I'm mainly looking for the JSK and bolero and maybe a few accessories. I'm also willing to look at similar items of the same color scheme. Brand, offbrand, handmade, I don't care. If all else fails I'll buy them directly from F+F but I need them in time for Otakon and would rather not have to pay extra for a rushed order.
My measurements are as follows:
Bust: 104cm
Waist: 89cm
Hips: 106cm

I pay with Paypal and my feedback page is here.
Thanks for looking!

Tags: !wtb
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