mlle_marianne (mlle_camelia) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!Attention Seller, miumiumiumiu & aliknyankochan !

aliknyankochan : Bought her two pair of socks a month ago, she told me to pay her by Gift payment ( Since I bought her a IW coat in the past by this method I trusted her) . Never heard of her again after my payment, she didn't answered my msg. & I haven't receive anything yet. Do someone know her & could say that I want to know what is happening with the socks? 

miumiumiumiu: Longer story, bought her the IW book bag months ago. 
Everything has been done by Pm. After one month I thought that she may be a scammer since her name wasn't on the picture & that I haven't receive anything yet. But I send her a pm & she answered me. We exchance a lot since then, she told me that Polish shipping could be very long, but in any case the package was insure. 

The package is now clearly lost, & she hasn't answered to my last mail. 

So I know she lives in Poland, do someone know her? Also, if you know her, did she has the book bag or is she a scammer? 

Thank you. 

Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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