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DS/DT: White Bodyline Blouse

Please read!

** All prices are in USD.
** I'm open to trades! I'd like another blouse of the same value but in a larger size. I will not pay extra if your item is worth more.
** I don't do holds or payment plans.
** All payments are to be made through Paypal. (I don't charge fees.)
** Do not leave your paypal address on this post. Please PM it to me and comment that you have done so.
** I ship within the US or internationally. Please inquire for international shipping rates--they are not included in the item price. Unless otherwise indicated, shipping quotes do not including tracking or insurance.

** My feedback: 
** I have cat living with me. She doesn't get into my Lolita clothes, but there might be some hairs on there anyway. Please keep this in mind if you are allergic.
**I ship from Richmond, Virginia in the USA

For sale: white bodyline blouse, size M

: $33 shipped in the US


Tag   Lace Detail   

Proof picture: 

Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, color:white, item:blouse
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