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DS: 20% REDUCTION AP Wonder Party, BTSSB Bunny Earmuffs

* My feedback
* Prices in USD
* Shipping only included for sets
* Shipping not included in individual prices and is as follows:
Small Box (1 item, smaller than a dress) USA $6/ International $10
Medium Box (1 Dress or multiple small items) USA $12 / International $20
Large Box (Sets or multiple medium items ) USA $15 / International $30

* Combined shipping available 
* Tracking and insurance added by request
* Paypal only (no e-checks)

* Paypal fees are included in prices
* All sales are final (no refunds or exchanges)
* Please be aware that all items are secondhand. I will do my best to state any found damages if any

* Trades for specific colors and styles from my Wishlist only
* Priority goes to those who can commit to buying and interested in:
#1 Full sets, #2 Highest offer for individual items, #3 Holds/ Payment plans
* Asking a question does not hold your spot in line
* Payment plans and holds accepted after 24hrs of posting
* Once a payment is made, I am not able to refund your installments, so if you back out you forfeit your money
* I am fine with long term payment plans and holds
 with a discussed down payment.

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Set 'Pink'
$450 shipped worldwide

(Jsk + Headbows x2 + Tote)

 Bustier JSK 
$360 $280

Proof Pic 
Length:87.5cm (lace 3.5cm), Bust:90cm, Waist:70cm

Headbow 'Pink x Pink' x2
$75 $60 each

Proof Pic, Damage Pic
The wire on the top right of one of the headbows has come away from the knot (see damage pic), but unseen when worn and an easy fix or hide

Eco Tote
$20 $16
40cm length, 40cm width, 10cm base width 

Angelic Pretty Milky Chan The Fawn Necklace Style Jsk 'White'
Proof Pic              
Bust 98cm, Waist 84cm, Length 85.5cm 
- Dress worn multiple times (Spot washed as I am scared of loosing the chest jewelry by getting it dry cleaned)

BTSSB Bunny EarMuffs 'Black' 
$70 $50
Damage Pic
- There is a cut on the top of the left ear (see damage pic)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:pink, item:bag, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt
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