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WTB/WTC: Petticoat, black and black skirt and other goodies(SLOVED, THANKS)

Hello there peeps. first time posting a journal in the Comm sales and I'm a bit new to this.

Being new to fashion, I want to buy a few things, some I could buy anywhere but want to see if I can find it cheaper on here and things I'm just trying to look out for.

The number one thing I'm looking for is a Malco Modes 582 petticoat, due to I need a petticoat and want a good one that will last a long while or forever + this is one tons of people have recommended to me. Most of the online shops I found them at are over 50$ (54$-56$), and I would like to spend a little less. Thought it was worth checking out to see if I could get one second hand on here being it will save me money otherwise. I'm a size XL (53/54" if that helps), I would like one in white, but I'll take a black or any other color worst case scenario. 
Willing to spend under $45 USD (not including shipping, though that does have to be reasonable too). If I could save at least 10$-15$, that would be great.

Also, if you have a petticoat in my size that isn't necessarily in that brand but just as good, I will take that as well.

Edit: I think I should also say I want a 'chiffon' Petticoat, being they last longer or forever. Doesn't need to be a Malco Modes 582, but still be the same type.  Also: A-line if you please.

Nevermind, I bought the Petticoat I wanted new at one of the online shops. I'm still looking for a black skirt however. I'll re update this once that is solve. Thanks

The other thing I'm looking for is a Black Skirt. Nothing too crazy, but simple and basic. my size is 53/54" and recommended price I want to spend would be at least 40-50$. Will spend more along it doesn't go over 80$. Just comment/link me/PM me on what you are selling. If I like it and the price is right, I will contact you about it.

This is solved as well being I commissioned someone for a blackskirt! Thank you all for being helpful however.

Those are the main things I'm looking for, but for extra stuff that I would like to get:

Sliver jewelry, a/some headdresse(s), (one needs to be black or gray/sliver) and any other sort of accessory you are selling. I don't want to spend waaaay too much on those, but if there is something that interests me and the price is reasonable, I'll contact you. No gloves however, not a fan of those.

My feedback here
Tags: !wtb, !wtc, *petite, *plus size, color:black, color:white, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:skirt
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