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DT/DS: Bodyline, Candy Violet and off brand

My feedback: Click

I ship from the u.s. and would prefer to sell within the u.s.
I am located in the nyc area, if you are also located in this area I would be ok with meeting up to avoid shipping costs (:
I have a cat, he does not go near my clothes but just a warning for those with allergies
I am not responsible for items once they have shipped

Bodyline Music Note JSK in pink + matching socks

Proof photo
(sorry the dress is showing the back in the photo... my gf took this for me as she is the one with the camera and she didn't realize that was the back lol)

Measurements from BL:
Length: 93cm
Bust: 84 - 100cm
Waist: 70- 86cm

I originally got this dress from the comm sales, I am not sure how many times the past owner wore it but i have only worn it twice. it is a cute dress but pink does not work well for me, which is why i am reselling it. the dress has no tears or stains, and is in good condition.

The socks are a tad worn on the bottom, but nothing terrible and nothing anyone would see while you're wearing shoes.

Asking $35 + shipping for the dress
$7 + shipping for the socks
Or $40 + shipping for both together

I would also love to trade this dress + matching socks for a BL chocoberry jsk in beige
I realize chocoberry is of slightly higher value, and would be willing to toss in a bit of extra money to make things equal (:

Bodyline shoes in pink

Proof photo

These shoes are size 24.5
I have only work them twice, I am trading them because I decided pink is not for me
One of shoes does have a small scuff on the front, it is small and not very noticeable unless you are looking up close at the shoes, picture of it posted above

I am only looking to trade these shoes
I would love to trade them for the same style in black, but I will look at similar styles as well. They need to be black, and size 24.5

Candy Violet Rocking Horse cutsew in cream SOLD

This shirt is no longer sold on site so I do not have measurments, but the tag says XL. I have a 82cm waist and 92cm bust and it fits fine, though I would not recommend it for someone much bigger. The fabric of this shirt is a bit thicker than normal t-shirt fabric, and it is a rather nice quality.
The shirt has no tear or stains. I really love it, but I never wear it because it does not match my wardrobe well >n<

Asking $10 + shipping
Wold also love to trade it for a different candy violet shirt in size XL, or just a nice blouse.

Offbrand black blouse

A simple, short sleeved black blouse that buttons up, has ruffles along the button area
The tag on the inside says M, and it fits like a standard medium.

While this shirt fits me, it's just a little too tight in the bust area, and you can see where it's pulling at the buttons when I wear it >n< It's fine for wearing beneath JSKs, but I wanted it to wear with a skirt and it does not look nice enough, which is why I am selling it. There is no tears or stains to the shirt.

Asking $10 + shipping
Would also love to trade it for a different blouse in black or white, I may also be interested in wrist cuffs.

Offbrand rose tights

These tights are white with very dark purple (looks like black/grey from a distance) roses on them

Got these from the comm sales, the person I bought them from had only tried them on. I've worn them a few times, they are very nice tights!
They are a little odd though, they are a size L and very long.... They would work well for someone who is on the taller side OR someone with thick legs. I am only 5' 3", but i have very chubby legs, esp my thighs... because these are so long it gave more fabric to work with, and it worked well with my chubby legs. They were a tad long to me and I would have to pull them up a bit occasionally, but they still fit pretty well and were one of my favorite pairs of tights. The only reason I am selling them is that I do not have many outfits that match them. They are in good condition, with no tears or stains.

For trades, I am interested in white blouses, wrist cuffs, and maybe chocomint accessoreis.

Tags: !ds, !dt, *plus size, bodyline, candy violet, color:black, color:cream, color:pink, color:white, item:blouse, item:cutsew, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:outerwear, item:shoes, offbrand
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