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DS: A little something for everyone - Gothic, Classic, Sweet & Otome!

I'm raising money for my mom to visit me in Japan so it's time to let go of some of my rare items!
Here are my sale terms and other info:

*I ship from Japan to any location.
*All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
*I only accept Paypal payments in USD. E-checks are ok but let me know first!
*All prices include Paypal fees.
*Feel free to make offers, but I reserve the right to wait 48 hours before I accept.
*Sales or offers by PM are fine.
*I will only ship using EMS for items over $100 because it includes tracking and insurance. I might be able to ship with another method if EMS won't work for you.
*For items under $100, I can ship with small packet mail (takes about 2 weeks with no tracking or insurance).
*All shipping quotes are for shipping the item in a sturdy plastic bag unless otherwise indicated. I have never had a problem with using bags but if you would like a box instead, please let me know and I can adjust the shipping estimate.
*I will gladly combine shipping.
*I'm not responsible for items once they leave my possession.
*My feedback is here (+30).

♫ Feel free to ask questions but priority will go to the person who leaves or PMs their Paypal address first. I will let you know when I invoice you because of the invoice fraud debacle some time ago, so don't pay anything until you hear from me :)

♫ Please let me know if you are no longer interested in the item so I can pass it to the next person! I'll wait 24 hours for a response before I move on.

♫ The worn photos are all taken at chest-height so some dresses may look slightly longer than they are.

♫ I am an amateur measurer and sometimes my measurements differ from those on lolibrary and hellolace, so use both as a reference.

♫ I might consider trades but I'm really picky. My preferred brands are Excentrique, MM, VM, JM, JetJ, and indie brands but I'm willing to look at any classic items as long as they will fit 90cm bust and 70cm waist.

MY STATUS: On vacation, might be slow to respond until Tuesday!

I added Gizmo into the shots for extra proof:



Iron Gate Long Skirt - Black x White
Price: $600 + shipping
Status: SOLD

backprint detaillabeltagsworn
Worn: never by me, tags attached
Condition: Excellent

Measurements (size 2):
waist 67cm
skirt length 93cm

I thought I might dabble in gothic with this skirt but I'd rather pass it on to someone who will do it justice! It has the original tags still attached and is in perfect condition. The fabric is a heavy weight polyester and the print is extremely crisp and fresh. It has no shirring. There's plenty of fabric to work with if you would like to alter it into a shorter skirt or something else entirely!

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $21, Europe = $25 (inquire about other locations)


Royal Tartan JSK - Blue
Price: $250 + shipping
Status: SOLD

waist detailtagprint and lace detailwith waist belt removedbackback detailstock picblack bowworn
link to lolibrary entry

I bought this directly from Victorian Maiden
Worn: 1 time
Condition: Excellent

bust 85cm
waist 68cm
length 94cm (including lace)

This is a dress I would have loved to keep but is just too small for me - I recommend it to someone with a petite frame. It is a re-release of the original Beth design from several years ago. The gold fleur de lis and lion crests at the intersections of the check pattern really make this dress unique. The belt is reversible and removable and it also comes with a removable black bow for you to stick wherever you want (I used it as a hair accessory).

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $21, Europe = $25 (inquire about other locations)


Noble Check Dress - Red Tartan
Price: $200 + shipping
Status: SOLD

fabric and lace detailneckline detailbackback detailwith back panel removedlabelworn
link to lolibrary entry

Worn (by me): 2-3 times
Condition: Very good, has a slight feeling of wear

bust 80-91cm with back panel, free size with panel removed
waist 60-70cm with back panel, free size with panel removed
length 93cm

Please note this is an overdress and requires an underskirt or underdress to go with it! The back panel is removable, making this one of the few Victorian Maiden dresses that is truly free size! Just adjust the corset lacing to your size. There's lots of slack to the ribbon now, but you could replace it entirely if you wanted more. The neck ties are removable (with buttons). The plaid has 3 main colors - red, brown and black, so you can accessorize in lots of different ways. The neckline and sleeves are elastic so you can adjust the length slightly.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $21, Europe = $25 (inquire about other locations)


La Pièce du Petit Créature Blouse and Skirt Set - Bleu Ciel (blue sky)
Price: $300 + shipping

top detailprint detailfabric and lace detailtaglabelskirt onlystock picfull set wornskirt only worn
link to hellolace entry

Worn: Skirt, 2 times; blouse, never (tag attached)
Condition: Excellent

bust 86~105cm
waist 70~105cm
length 52cm including lace
waist 70cm
length 66cm

Juliette et Justine really does quirky animal prints the best! This one is in blue and has depictions of dogs in Victorian style along with roses and polka dots. The fabric is rather lightweight and unlined so probably best for the spring or summer. The skirt has no shirring but the blouse is fully shirred and still has the original tags attached. The skirt is a longer length than normal and just passes my knees.

I'd prefer not to break this set but I will if there are buyers for both pieces.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $19, Europe = $23 (inquire about other locations)


Illumination Ribbon OP - Wine
Price: $250 + shipping
Status: SOLD

top detailbackhem detailsheer panelswith waist ties removedlabelsleeve detailstock picworn
link to hellolace entry

Worn: 1 time by me
Condition: Very good

bust 82-94cm
waist 68-77cm
length 93cm including pom-poms

I bought this used for a Valentine's Day party but I'm selling it since I'm more of a classic girl. It is one of the most beautiful AP pieces I've seen and has amazing details like pom-pom fringe, panels of sheer organza that reveal the fabric underneath (thanks Gizmo), crystal findings, velvet bows and sparkly buttons! The color is a rich wine red. The velvet and double skirt makes it quite heavy. It has 1/4 shirring.

NOTE: There is a slight dark mark on the velvet near the hem, probably from water getting on the dress. I tried really hard to photograph it but it was really impossible. The mark is really unnoticeable and I only found it when I was inspecting the dress in preparation for sale.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $30, Europe = $35 (inquire about other locations)


Mad Tea Party JSK - Blue/Green
Price: $200 + shipping
Status: SOLD

backprint detailbodice detailback detail

I bought this at the ETC Osaka shop.
Worn: 2 times
Condition: Very good

bust 75~106cm
waist 67~96cm
length 94cm

It has 1/2 shirring, no zipper (goes on over the head), the shoulder straps are slightly adjustable by moving the button, and is half lined. The color is a really nice and unusual shade of blue in lolita and the print has lots of colors in it for coordination variety. You can make this dress look very lolita or very casual by changing up the things you pair it with.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $21, Europe = $25 (inquire about other locations)


Heart Frill JSK - Black Gingham Check
Price: $120 + shipping

heart detailupper heart detailupper heart removedinner pettibackwaist ties removedtagworn
link to similar version on hellolace

Worn (by me): Only tried on
Condition: Good

bust 86~98cm
waist 70~82cm
length 90cm

This is an older but adorable gingham dress by Meta. The large heart on the bodice is removable with buttons. I would recommend removing or replacing the black ribbon bows on the skirt part since those are showing their age, but the rest of the dress still looks great. It comes with a layer of tulle for bonus poof, removable waist ties and 1/4 shirring in the back.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $26, Europe = $30 (inquire about other locations)


Lotta (Fawn) Collar - Pink x Fawn Fur
Price: $60 + shipping
Status: SOLD

backbow detailunbuttonedworn
Worn: Only tried on (by me)
Condition: Very good

collar width about 10cm
circumference about 50cm

This is the lovely (faux) fawn fur collar by Innocent World! It was super popular and sold out instantly and is now very hard to find. This is the version with the pink velvet bow. The collar opens and closes with a snap. The material is actually not as heavy as it looks so you can wear it pretty much year round.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $15, Europe = $19 (inquire about other locations)
Small packet = $6 to anywhere

Rose Chiffon Headdress - Ivory x Bordeaux
Price: $25 + shipping

rosette detailside detail

Worn: only tried on
Condition: Excellent

diameter of rosette about 8cm
headband width about 1cm

This cute headdress is just the right size and is made of floral chiffon fabric, lace and (faux) pearls. It was made to go with IW's Rose Chiffon series but looks great on its own and matches well with many kinds of classic outfits.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $15, Europe = $19 (inquire about other locations)
Small packet = $6 to anywhere


Mint Rose Headphones
Price: $40 + shipping
Status: SOLD

rose detailcordheadbandear pad

Worn: only tried on
Condition: New/Excellent

width at widest point 17cm
height 19cm
headband width 3.5cm
headphone diameter 7cm

Cute headphones by Swimmer! These will match a variety of lolita styles. They have a super long cord for your listening convenience. The sound quality is ok but if you are a true audiophile these may not be for you. I will be shipping the headphones in a box so the shipping is a bit higher than normal.

Shipping: EMS to North America/Australia = $19, Europe = $23 (inquire about other locations)
Small packet = $12 to anywhere


Plastic Big Cross Necklaces - #1 Pink, #2 Blue, #3 Red (2)
Price: $12 each including worldwide airmail shipping
Status: #1, #2, #3 ALL AVAILABLE

full size pic

Worn: Never
Condition: New/Excellent

These oversized cross necklaces are very popular in Japan now and can be used for a variety of lolita and alternative Japanese fashions! I have one each of the floral ones and two one of the red crosses. They are all made of plastic.

EMS shipping is also available for an additional fee.

 ♫ Thank you for looking! ♫

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