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DS: Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake bonnet in sax 20% reduced

Hey everyone, once again I am in need of funds and therefore need to sell off some of my lolita collection. I am selling an Angelic Pretty memorial cake bonnet in sax. None of these items are replicas. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. My feedback is located here:

Memorial Cake bonnet in sax

I ordered this from Angelic Pretty online when they were first released, and since then have worn it about 3 times. So, its condition is quite good despite its age. There were no flaws I could notice, except a few loose threads which I removed. I couldn't find any tears in the lace or noticeable stains.

Proof of bonnet:

Price of bonnet: SOLD

I am located in PA and ship using priority mail. For buyers outside the US shipping must be calculated separately. I use paypal for payment.

Thank you for looking and have a great day! :D

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