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!WTB : Brand bag (black or white) + Rose Toilette Canotier in red !

Hi girls ♥ !

I need to buy a black or a white classical bag (white has priority). So please show me the classical bag(s) you're selling !
Please don't ask me to make offers on the items you'll show me, I suck at giving price to items (but I don't when it comes to detect scams ;) !), give me your prices including shipping to France.

Example (it can be something else, in approximatively the same style) of what I'm looking for :

And I still need the red Rose Toilette headdress (if you know where I can buy it, don't hesitate to share !) :

Thanks in advance for reading and maybe, replying ;).
Have a nice day ♥ !

P.S. : Here's my feedback page :

Tags: !wtb, color:black, color:red, color:white, item:bag, item:hair accessory

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