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DS: Socks : 20 Pairs + SWIMMER

My Feedback

-Paypal only.
-I have a cat, and a ferret. The stray cat hair is going to happen.
-Must pay within 24 hours.
-Holds only accepted with 20% non-refundable deposit.
-Measurements are taken by an amateur, I do my best, but ask further questions if needed.
-First to inquire about an item has preference, but you must be quick to respond or I'll give it to first to post paypal info. This is just to allow people to ask questions without getting sniped before receiving an answer.
-No trades.
-Will do local pick-ups.
-I have the option to not sell to you if I feel uncomfortable.
-My PP address that I will contact you from is t--m------ at yahoo.

International Shipping
-Please ask for shipping quote.
-EMS shipping usually starts at $30. It is tracked and insured.
-First Class usually costs only a few dollar on top of the item price and is not tracked or insured. If you choose this method payment must be made via gift.
-I take the US shipping off the price for First Class shipping only. Using EMS always turns to a huge ordeal at the post office and usually costs more than quoted
-If you'd like the package value to be marked down, payment must be made via gift.

AP Pink Candy BorderNWT OTKs - SOLD
AP Pink Toe Shoes NWT OTK - SOLD

Used AP OTKs

Pink Strawberry Jam OTK, stains on the soles - $30 shipped in US
White Strawberry Jam OTK (had a small hole in front, darned it) - $30 shipped in US
AP White Chandelier OTK, piling, stained soles and general wear - $25 shipped in US

Brand Knee High Socks

AP Pink Logo Socks, like new condition - $20 shipped in US
AP Blue w/ Pink Hearts Lace-Topped, light wear - $25 shipped in US
AP Strawberry Lace-Topped, dirty soles and light wear - $25 shipped in US
AP RedxWhite Stripe, good condition, but laundry accident left a few pink spots (like pictured) on one sock where shown, on the other side, and on the foot portion - $20 shipped in US
BtSSB MaroonxWhite Rabbit Logo, new - $25 shipped in US
BtSSB Cream Lace-Topped, stains on soles - $30 shipped in US
BtSSB White Logo Socks, light wear - $20 shipped in US
Meta BluexWhite Lace-Topped, new - $30 shipped in US
IW Cream Cherry Cat, light wear - $25 shipped in US

Secret Shop Replica Knee High Socks

Pink Candy AP Replica, light wear - $13 shipped in US
Pony AP Replica, light wear - SOLD
Etoile AP Replica, light wear - $13 shipped in US
Fruits IW Replica, light wear - $13 shipped in US
Blue Floral, new - $13 shipped in US
Ballerina AP Replica, light wear - $13 shipped in US

The scrapbooks (I think they are scrap books) have thick, recycled-type paper inside. The paper is around the color of the yellow on the bunny cover. Scrapbooks are 19cm x 12.5cm, Profile books are 15cm x 19cm.
Bunny Scrapbook, some pages are slightly wrinkled from humidity - $10 + shipping
Puppy Scrapbook - $12 + shipping

Top row is blank paper books. Bottom row is clear, glitter plastic sheets. I think there's a stationary use for them, but they could also be used to decorate a room, especially a window. Both are 18cm x 25cm.
Pink Coloring Book - $5 + shipping
Yellow Coloring Book - $5 + shipping
Crepe Poodle Clear Sheet - $5 + shipping
Ice Cream Dog Clear Sheet - $5 + shipping

Please make an offer if you don't like the price. I don't always know what these things will sell for.

DS: Angelic Pretty New and Reduced Items. Print Dresses, Hat, and Straw Purse

DS: Angelic Pretty Novalties, Magazines, Imai Kira and other Postcards, h.Haoto x HK, SWIMMER

DS:Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, Double Decker, SWIMMER, Antaina, Putumayo, Offbrand, Dear Celine, BtSSB

Check my journal for old sales and a huge SWIMMER/Chocoholic sales post.
Lots of opportunities for combined shipping!

Thanks for looking!
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