Shaana (godofmustard) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS!/DT! Innocent World Headbow and Fan+Friend JSK

*Feedback (I have some on the ebay link but currently not any for the comm yet :3) : 
*Paypal only, will accept gift payments if you want to avoid the fee. 
*Shipping prices not included unless noted otherwise. Shipping from Lawrenceville, GA (30044) 
*Flexible on shipping methods, let me know which you prefer but on default I will use the cheapest method. I'll refund postage if the total comes to be less than anticipated. : ) 
*Payment plans are okay with a 20% non-refundable deposit. Preference goes to buyers who pay in full. 
*Trades/Offers are okay unless noted otherwise. 
*No returns and I am not responsible for lost packages. 
*If you have any questions, please ask! I will take additional pictures if desired. 
*I have a turtle and a parakeet but I've never been near or handled them with any of these items. 

Mr. Poops is my proof! 

Innocent World Classical Chairs Headbow - 25$

Mint condition save for a loose thread here or there. I didn't cut them off and I have kept this as I had received it in packaging. It's a very cute and flattering headbow but I just don't have anything to wear it with...  

DT! I'd like to trade this for other accessories. I'm mainly interested in floral headdresses and hats. 

Fanplusfriend Dark Green Classical Lolita Pintuck Tiered Circle Buttom Dress - 120$
Stock photo: 


Worn once. This is a custom ordered dress. It comes with a detachable bow with both a roach clip and pin on the back. It's a really rich dark green in comparison to the stock photo. The dress is made of cotton and chiffon. This dress is my first lolita buy but as it turns out I'm more interested in another style. 
Neck: 12" max
Bust:  35" max
Waist: 25" min/ 30" max (has corset lacing in the back) 

Thanks for looking! 

Edit to Add: Several people have wanted to see my WTB so I'm adding it here-- 

IW European Classic Skirt
AATP Operetta Bouquet JSK Green
Moi-même-Moitié Church Gate Corset Skirt White
Wine Red Blouse (Long Sleeves)
Black Bolero (Long Sleeves)
Wine Red x Gold Diamond OTKs 
Dark Brown or Black handbag
Vampire Requiem black headdress 

I have no interest in sweet items. If you have items similar to the ones above, I'll take a look at them. 
Tags: !ds, !dt, color:green, fanplusfriend, innocent world, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt
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