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SS: Gabalnara Wholesale and Pre-Order Business Description

Per the community rules we have made a page describing our business for wholeselling gabalnara wigs

Gabal Spice
Wholesale Service Status: CLOSED
Current Pre-Order Time Frame:
January 30th, 2013 to February 15, 2013

We are located in Maryland, USA and started communications with Gabalnara in April 2012.  Ever since, we have been in constant communication with them to find ways to bring such good quality wigs to the USA and international buyers. We actually speak directly to the CEO and he had no idea that people from the USA and overseas knew about his company and was immediately interested in helping us start an international service for Gabalnara. Since they are across the world from us, we communicate with them between 1AM - 3AM our time.

Original Wig Company:
Our Inventory Page (What we currently have in-stock):
Our LJ Community: (join for updates)

Service Fees:

Our fees are +$15 for Wigs, +$10 for extensions. (Fees vary depending on wig product, please send email for quota).

We are not making $15/$10 ourselves with these charges, many factors come in when transferring money overseas and we lost a lot of our own money with our first bulk order because we didn't realize how much money banks take when transferring money overseas as well as import fees. However, still if you were to transfer money to gabalnara yourself, you'll find your total being tremendously higher than what we're charging since you are only doing a small transaction vs. our bulk order transaction.

After all of this is taken into account, we still barely make even 6% for commission fee.

Full description of rules and F.A.Q Page:

Egl feedback page:

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