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DS: AP Faux Fur Bag, Surface Spell Hair Flowers+ 20% off straw hat, Red hair accessories, Piano Ring

~Prefer to ship within USA~
~I have 100% positive feedback here ~
~I can take more pics of anything~
~Feel free to ask questions!~
~Please notice: I am not responsible for items once they are shipped out! Insurance is optional~

New Sales

Angelic Pretty White Faux Fur Bag
Really great condition. I bought it NWT, and I'm using the previous sellers image due to the fact that it does the bag more justice. I'll also provide my own pic as proof! I took the tags off but I've only carried it once. It's fairly small, but it held my phone and my wallet and a compact. 
$35 shipped within the USA

My image:

Surface Spell Light Blue Flower Corsages
Great condition. They have a roach clip and a pin in the back.
$3 for one or $5.50 for both, including shipping within the USA

Secret Shop Socks
Worn condition. Some darkening on the bottoms. They've been handwashed by me.
$5 shipped within the USA

Old Sales, Prices as marked OBO
Forever 21 Straw Boater with Navy/White dot ribbon
No longer available on the forever 21 website. I ordered it thinking it would look excellent with lolita, but my head slightly too big for the hat... Only tried on.
$12 shipped within the USA Now $9.60 shipped within the USA

Paradise Rose Classic Headdress
I bought this a while ago from the Paradise Rose Etsy shop, but it isn't my style. Only tried on, it's beautifully made. It attaches with roach clips on either side. 
$10 shipped within the USA.  Now $8 shipped within the USA

Paradise Rose Piano Ring
Adjustable ring. Brand new condition. 
$6 shipped within the USA. Now $4.80 shipped within the USA

Offbrand Red Felt Head Bow.
Great condition.
$5 shipped within the USA. Now $4 shipped within the USA

Handmade Cake Eraser Pearl Necklace has been sold
KawaiiFrenzy Ice cream necklace: $5 shipped within the USA. Now $4 shipped within the USA

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