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!DS - AP Fantastic Dolly Pleated and Jewelry Jelly Frill Skirts!

General Info
- I'm located Maryland, USA
- Prices include PayPal fees and shipping in the US.
- I prefer shipping within the US as I have no experience with international shipping.
- No trades, please.
- No payment plans.

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1250004.html

So, I love these two skirts SO much but my booty wasn't meant for AP mini skirts. They looked nice on me... at the front, lol. Anyway...

My proof item:

Fantastic Dolly Pleated Mini Skirt in Red w/ FREE Customized DOL Replica Head bow

-PRICE: $175 USD (incudes pp fees and shipping in the US)
-Measurements: Hello Lace
-Condition: Great condition! No signs of wear. Fabric color is bright. Lace is in very good condition. The top button is a little loose and can be tightened with some thread. I believe I am the second owner.
-It's coming along with the bow for no additional charge-- the bow has been pinned onto a generic headband from Claire's and some beads were thrown on for accent. The whole thing can be taken apart rather quickly.
- Worn Pic

AP Jewelry Jelly Frill Skirt in Lavender

(The bad lighting in my room is giving the second pic a bit of a yellow/dinge tint, sorry!)

-PRICE: $175 USD (includes pp fees and shipping in the US)
-Measurements: Hello Lace
-Condition: Great condition! Freshly hand washed. The print still retains it's glitter. I am the second owner, and I was told by the original owner that there were two small stains on one of the frills-- but honestly, I never found them, they're that faint. (Or maybe my eyes are bad?)
-Worn Pic

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