Hedges (lazul) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: 2 Meta dresses, pink and purple. Baby shoes, white.

Leaving lolita sale. 
Items are priced to go and I am willing to consider all offers.

My feedback thread is located here.
I have not been active in this community in quite a while, since before the feedback method changed, so I lost what little feedback I had.  Please feel free to ask anything of me if you have any doubts that these items are in my possession. 

Terms of Sale:
I accept payment via paypal, no fees.
Shipping is not included in sales price.  I will ship flat rate in the US unless asked otherwise. 
Please do NOT ask me to cover shipping.
I will require that you pay for delivery confirmation, insurance is up to you.  
I am not considering trades for any of these items.
Please do not ask me to hold items.
I live in a smoke free home, we do have a dog but she is a hypoallergenic laberdoodle and has never been on the same floor as my dresses.   

1. Meta JSK
I apologize, I do not remember the name of this JSK or much about it.

Price: $90 + Shipping - SOLD
JSK, Pin on ribbon


2. Meta JSK
Once again I apologize, I do not remember the name of this JSK or much about it.

Price: $90 + Shipping
JSK, head band.

Head dress

3.Bodyline JSK
Extremely flexible for a larger bust.

Size: Large
Price: $40 +Shipping - SOLD

Detail of the pattern

4. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shoes
I bought these a long time ago and I do not know much about them. 
There is some damage to the wooden soles of these shoes, the links below the main picture depict this damage to the best of my ability. 
Additionally, I have added traction stickers to the soles of the shoes to help walking on slick surfaces. 

Size: LL (a comfortable fit on my size 8 1/2 - 9 feet.)
Includes: The shoes, the flower clips for the ankle bands.
Price: $80 + Shipping - SOLD

gouges at the toe of the shoe, not extremely visible when worn
slight dent in the toe of the shoe, they have always had this and I believe it may be the result of their production
natural roughness of the wood
damaged sole

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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