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DS/DT: Kidsyoyo, VM, F+F, BL, DOL, ITS, Sweet Rococo, Offbrand Clothes + GLBs SOLD OR REPOSTED

!! Urgent sale !!

Most previous trade only items are now available for sale. 20% reductions on some old prices, lesser reductions on others.
I am moving EVERYTHING into storage so there may be some delays as things get found.
I will still try to ship within 24 hours of payment as is my usual.
Feel free to make reasonable offers.

I prefer payment by Paypal, but will accept snail mail payments at buyer's own risk. I am not responsible for any lost payments
Prices are primarily in US dollars. GBP, Euro, and JPY may also be accepted.
Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees which can be calculated here.

I ship from Hawaii, USA and will ship anywhere the USPS ships to.
Prices are not inclusive of shipping unless mentioned. Prices including shipping are only to the US.
I ship First Class or Priority as first choice. Tracking number is free for US.
International shipping through envelope unless otherwise requested. There is no economy post outside the US. EMS or Airmail only.
I am not responsible for any packages once they have left my hands.
Insurance and international tracking are extra at buyer's own cost.

I will do holds with a non-refundable 20% deposit.
Payment plans available. Non-refundable 20% deposit sent via personal payment or with appropriate fees included required.
All sales are final. NO REFUNDS. Please make sure to ask any questions you have beforehand.
I expect responses within 24-48 hours unless previous mention of delay. Please respond, even if it is to say you are no longer interested.
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. If you ask for shipping or make an offer, I am considering it yours as priority.
If you make an offer and I accept, then disappear or do not respond/send payment within 24 hours without leaving a reason why, I will leave feedback.

I reserve the right to deny sale at my own discretion.
I may consider trades in lieu of purchases at my own discretion.
Wish list at the bottom. I will consider almost anything.


Black Anna House Daisy LS Blouse
Size S, new
Bust :: 32-34 inches
Waist :: 26-30 inches
Daisy lace is same on Anna House blouses

Bodyline "L112" Blouse :: $35
No stretch, corseting on back
Can be worn smaller but given smallest measurements are best fit
Selling blouse only
Bust: 80cm-84cm
Waist: 76cm-92cm
Length: 50cm
Sleeve: 63cm

Morbid Threads Keyhole Lolita Top: $40 shipped
Bust: 34"-38"
Waist: 28"-32"
Length: 22.5"

Creme High Necked Bowtie Blouse: $60 shipped
Size 12, new with tags
Has padded shoulders and a few small storage stains on one of the "ribbon" ends
Ties are non-detachable and can be tied in different ways
Bust: 110cm-114cm
Length: 67cm
Sleeve: 64cm

Bordeaux Morbid Threads Blouse
Size XL, new with tag
True color is a reddish wine/bordeaux, not the purple it looks in the picture
Fabric has minor stretch
Bust: 96cm-117cm
Waist: 88cm-96cm
Length: 62cm

Black Dahlia Blouse
Has back ties, no shirring or stretch
Fully shirred sleeves, color is black on black
New and tried on over clothes
Bust :: 42 inches
Waist :: 37 inches
Length :: 22 inches (down back)
Sleeves :: 12-16 inches

Gloomth Lace Vest: $35 shipped
Size L, new
Has a handmade crown applique which will be removed before shipment
Bust: 38"
Length: 24" (to bottom of lace)

Black Brocade Corset: $50
Recommended worn 4-6 inches narrower than natural waist
Light boning, possibly plastic
Measurements given with full cinch, can be let out
Size 40 (refers to bust size)
Waist :: 30 inches
Length :: 14.5 inches

Fanplusfriend White Corset Bustle Skirt :: $75
New. Back is fully shirred.
Size F
Waist 20-26 inches
Length: 29 inches from top to hem, 21 inches from top bottom of waist to hem

Fanplusfriend Black/Ivory Corset Bustle Skirt :: $60
Size F, worn once, minor stains at back bustle
Waist: 62-76cm
Length: 70cm

BPN Sailor Skirt :: $68
Size F, new
Waist ~26 inches

In The Starlight "Meeting Alice" Skirt :: $55
Bought new and stored away but never worn, some minor stains from storage not readily visible when worn
There are production flaws on the felt pieces as well
Waist: 34"
Length: 20"

Black Cotton/Lace Skirt
Size L (12/14), new
Skirt is all black, including lace
Waist: 89cm-120cm
Length: 69cm (to end of lace)

Black/Brown Petticoat: $12
Netting is brownish, waistband shows external abuse due to wear
Light poof, some damage to netting in some places
Waist: 80cm-114cm
Length: 43cm

Petticoat Topper
New with tag
Perfect for miniskirts or to add cupcake poof to an A-line petti
Waist: 56cm-116cm (94cm max estimated comfort)
Length: 30cm

Offbrand Cutsew OP
Size M, new without tags
Super stretchy (fabric is more like a knit/stretch top than t-shirt fabric)
Can be worn with a belt and light-medium poof A-line or cupcake petti for a casual classic or otome style
Bust: 100cm-131cm (I have an 89cm bust and medium poof A-line petti for reference)
Waist: Free
Length: 97cm

Sweet Rococo Pink/Blue Ballerina Princess OP :: $155 each
Japanese import fabric with shimmery gold details
Partially shirred back and partially lined inside
Fully shirred sleeves and sleeve cuffs
Detachable waist ties, Side zipper entry
Bust :: 34-41 inches
Waist :: 28-31 inches
Length :: 38" (sleeves unstretched)
Sleeve length :: 7"-11"
Dresses are NEW. This is a custom design, true color closest to the picture above. Both are exactly the same. On the inside shirring, there are still tailor marks on the elastic which do not come off or affect the wear

Mary Magdalene Lavender Short Sleeve OP Replica
A custom short sleeved version of the normal long sleeved OPs
New, but has been tried on a few times and has been stored away for a few years
Zipper show some paint chipping from being worked and a few minor hems have production pin holes
There is some oranging along some seams and across a small patch of lace at the skirt (from storing)
Waist ties and bows are non-detachable, no shirring, no stretch.
Bust: 94cm
Waist: 80cm
Length: 87cm (from shoulder)
Shoulder: 39cm (white only)

F+F BTSSB Little Riding Hood Coat OP Replica :: $170
Brand new: sleeves, hood, usamimi bow, and ribbons are detachable, received without back lacing OP sleeves have buttons to open them wider if needed
Buttonholes show a little wear from me trying on the coat
Some stitching starting to come loose, but does not affect overall condition.
Fabric has no stretch. Lightweight fabric.
Bust: 112cm
Waist: 92cm
Length: 105cm from shoulder

Jet and Lace Knit Bolero Cardigan: $75
Size S, new, knitted from Angora and lambswool
Bust: 100cm-126cm
Sleeve: 56cm (64cm to lace
Length: 54cm

Isaac Mizrahi Lace Cutsew Cardigan
Size S, gently worn
Bust: 38"-52"
Length: 20.5"
Sleeve: 22"

Weiser Linz Velvet Jacket: $85
Size 44, gently worn
Velvet is super plush and silky
Bust: 100cm
Length: 49cm
Sleeve: 59cm

Clobbao Orange Shoes
Size 25, new but with surface damage from shipping

Unlisted Classic Black Shoes: $35
Size 9, new but tried on on textured floor once

♥~Paper Goods ~♥

1. Gothic & Lolita Bible Spring (English)
2. Gothic & Lolita Bible v.39
GLB 1 has no patterns, GLB 2 is new with all stickers and patterns

♥ Accessories ♥

Q-pot Shave Ice Phone Strap: $56 shipped
New, has not been used

Goldilocks Curls Short Wig :: $25
New and only tried on
Has a skin-top and is very good quality
I'd trade for a longer blonde wig or other wig in a lighter shade.

Black Dolly Curls Wig :: $10
New in bag and only tried on, has bangs
Somewhat tangled

Black Ruffle Shoes: $35
Size 9, new
Left toe has some minor damage (bought this way)

Bodyline White Bow Strap Shoes: $50
Was purchased as new but appears to have been tried on and has minor scuffing not noticeable when worn.
Size 27


Kidsyoyo Flower Blossom JSK ($145)
Dress has been tried on a few times but never worn out. Back is almost fully shirred, lightly boned waist, side zipper entry
This is the special order plus size dress, not the standard size dress.
Selling without the waist ties.
Has been stored in a SpaceBag so it is a little flat due to the fabric type.
Bust: 98cm-110cm
Waist: 96cm-106cm
Length: 106cm from top of strap, 17cm from top of strap to bodice

Spin Doctor "Marianne" Blouse :: $50
Size XS, would like this in S or M
New, retail €35,50 (tag still attached)
Bust: 32-34"
Waist: 28-30"

Surface Spell Cathedral JSK: Purple Version
Has not been worn by me, once by someone else. I was told it was a 96cm bust but it is very much not.
Color of bottom netting is deep violet, rest of ribbons are bright fuschia purple, embroidery is purple
Want to trade for this for a size fitting an 88cm bust ONLY.
Also seeking the underbust version: any color.
Bust: 80-86cm
Waist: 72cm
Length: 90cm (from strap to bottom)

Victorian Maiden Brown Floral OP
Worn once, want to trade for something that suits me better
Old design from about 2003, not recommended for a larger cup size
No shirring or stretch, fully lined (because of the lining, at least 3cm smaller than given bust/waist measurements recommended)
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 76cm
Length: 90cm

Fanplusfriend Dandy Boy Top and Shorts
Worn once briefly for a photoshoot
Short-pants are smaller in size than the top, thus this will not be a set
Would consider trading for dandy outfit or this one in larger size
Prefer to keep the top if no proper trade can be found

Top Bust: 90cm
Top Waist: 80cm
Top L
ength: 65cm

Pants Waist: 66cm
Pants Length: 62cm

Old School OP and Headdress: $195
New, but tried on a few times and stored away
Two ribbons were removed from the bust and two from the skirt. I only have one of each for reattachment.
Yards of super soft raschel and crochet lace and an incredibly full skirt, nothing is detachable, fabric is slightly stretchy
Made by an indie brand I can't remember but I got it at the same time as I got a bunch of Merry-Go-Round things.
Bust: 86-94cm
Waist: 70-80cm
Length: 90cm (to bottom lace)

Will consider trading for anything, but reserve the right to deny a trade.
Due to shipping costs, I prefer to trade within the US. Trades must be sent within 4 days of trade agreement with tracking unless otherwise agreed. Traders must send first! Please provide feedback link.
My current measurements:
Bust: 88-89cm
Waist: 71-72cm
Hip: 88-89cm
Shoulder Width: 43cm
Primarily interested in:
Steampunk/pirate, vintage nurse/medical, clockwork styles, and corsets and capes/capelets
AATP, BTSSB, Metamorphose, Lief, Atelier Pierrot styles or replicas)
Gothic prints, chandelier, castle/coach prints, stripes, chess, Harlequin and circus prints
Victorian/Steampunkish bags, clasp bags or trunk bags, vintage medical bags
Shoes that fit 9/9.5US (25.5-26/LL/3L), boots that fit 9.5 (25.5/26/LL/3L) or 40/41EU
Tea Parties, platforms, Victorian/granny boots, AATP boots (any color)
Cage skirts, petticoats, bloomer trousers and high waist trousers
Detachable sleeves in any color, primarily flared sleeves or poofy sleeves
Classical Puppets (organdy/organza/chiffon) super puffy petticoat

DS/DT: 20% Reductions + New! GLP, BL, Demonia, TUK, MM replica, offbrand + Plus Size
DS: Sailor Blouse, Steampunk and Country Skirts, Frilled Bolero (Plus Size)
DS: Q-pot Peace Bands
DS/DT: Meta, VM/MM Replica, petticoats, Aristocrat tops, RH shoes

Will consider reasonable offers for old sales and old trades.

Tags: !ds, !dt, *plus size, *publications, *replica, anna house, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:black, color:brown, color:cream, color:green, color:orange, color:pink, color:purple, color:red, color:white, color:yellow, fanplusfriend, in the starlight, indie brand, item:accessory, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:cardigan, item:innerwear, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, item:pants, item:shoes, item:skirt, item:wigs, offbrand, peace now, sweet rococo, taobao, victorian maiden

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