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~<3 Hello All! The following is my sales/trade post! Enjoy <3~

Shipping from MN, USA via USD currency
Feedback: click-->
Paypal fees and extra fees are non-reimbursable (fees that are charged on your side).
I charge 2.9% $0.30 per transaction fee to cover invoice charges
No payment plans
Shipping Fees are NOT includedShipping fees are now included in each listed item(5/22). This statement only applies for USA buyers. International please PMme. Tracking is avalibale for an extra .75c and insurance ranges form a $1-2.00
I can ship it within a week and will give shipping quotes to you once you have considered to buy. I am not responsible with what happens with shipping. You have the option to purchase insurance with it, so if something happens call the provider please! Priority: FIRST to PM or leave a COMMENT (going by time stamp) gets first priority. You can always try to negotiate prices with me! Just send me a PM and we can talk :) !
~Proof Item~
~~~~~~ITEMS FOR SALE~~~~~~~


- All wigs only worn once TO TRY ON- - BRAND: Gothic Lolita Wigs -
Duplicity Series – Black and Magenta –

GLW Photo BlackMagenta(1)__53745__37595_zoom My Photo IMAG0171


  • Color - the magenta in the GLW photo is NOT the magenta they sent me. Its more of a purple-y pink... and not purple in the photo at all lol. So go by my photo, NOT GLW. I emailed them about it and they said that color is not always exactly the same -_-;

  • FIBERS - Synthetic High Temp. up to 180*F/82*C (the lowest setting on most hair tools).

  • Reason for Selling - Getting rid of it because it really has just sat in its package for about months. Its really pretty and I would like to keep it... but its been sitting in my closet for months lol.

  • Also, the rainbow wig on the left of the photo is NOT FOR SALE :)

  ~Blended Series - LONG -  Black and White with Pig tails ~


GLW Photo -->     my photo*--> 

PRICE: $50.00 USD (with shipping 5/22)

  • Reason for selling: It is just too long for me and my liking. I am also too afraid to cut it and curl it myself to get it the length I want because I do NOT want to ruin it ( I have no experience in wig styling at all lol). This to has also been sitting in its bag for months so its all nice and perfect :P.


Trade or Sale: Bodyline Shoes146 - Black - 26.00


heels high 9cm
bottom 3cm

^^^^-Bodyline Photo_^^^^^
So i love these shoes, but they are so big for me. I bought them for size 26. I have worn them about 8 times so they are pretty worn. I am not quite sure how the selling of shoes goes... I have always worn tights with these. I am willing to haggle a price but I would really like to trade for the same or similar pair but in a size 24.5  . They are scuffed but the scuffs are;t really noticable unless someone picks up your foot and shoves there nose all over your shoes. There is some white stuff on the bottom of the shoe but I think a wash would get that stuff away. For more photos please contact me :)
~~~proof and wear of shoe~~~~

Price:$28 USD w/o shipping 34 USD WITH SHIPPING 5/22
Off Brand Shoes: Mary Jane Pleaser by Funtaisma... or something like that.... I am not exactly sure of the model name... >.>;
never worn except try on


  • Heel measures approximately 3 3/4"

  • This is labeled a US 7... but I fit in a size seven and I found this constricting. So i would say if you are more a 6-6.5 this would be your shoe! Or if you have a really really non wide foot you may be able to fit in it if you are a 7. I think the sizes run small on this brand

  • Reason for selling: SO these are waaayyy to small for my feet and of course, i didn't return them when i should have. They have no scratches besides the scratch on the bottom of the shoe near the tag of the size. I don't really know where this came from but I think i might have stepped on something in my kitchen when i tried them on walking around the house.

                      ~~Proof and Odd mark/gunk on the bottom~~

Price: $35 USD with shipping (5/22)

Additional Info:

  • Wig Quality ----- I have another GLW that is the split almond and mocha wig. I wear it ALLL the time and I am hoping with the profit of these sales, I can buy the caramel and creme wig. My almond mocha blend wig is gorgeous and AMAZING in quality. I highly recommend these wigs. They are also somewhat heat resistant**, so that is a plus!

* i edited out my lower part of my mouth because i was making the most stupidest face and I am to lazy to go make a photo with my hippo. if you REALLY want a photo with my hippo, just PM me and ill stop being lazy and do it.
** for exact temperatures, please refer to the GLW website
~ ^-^ Thank you ^-^ ~
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