secret_rosegard (secret_rosegard) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN BUYER: Labcoatlolita

Hi labcoatlolita,
I sold you a couple pairs of socks in this post:

I have tried contacting you a couple times since then (one PM, one comment) regarding which color you wanted for one of the pairs since I have multiple colorways of that particular pair and I had said I would send you pictures of them so you could choose. I sent the pictures almost two weeks ago and never received a response. I hope that you're alright and that we can sort this out so I can send your socks to you! If I don't get a response here, my next step will be sending an email to the paypal email I invoiced. If anyone knows labcoatlolita, please let her know that I'm trying to contact her. Thanks!

Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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