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DS: Urgent Closet Cleaning Sale--Everything Must Go!

AES took my student loan payment out of the bank two weeks early and knocked a ginormous hole in my monthly budget. I’ve lost 40 pounds over the past few years, which makes me happy—but staring at my fat clothes is depressing. I also have a pile of stuff I bought online that doesn’t fit or suit me as well as I thought it would. Hopefully this will solve all of these problems before Fanime happens without me!

EGL Feedback Page:
Fatshion XChange:
Garage Sale Japan:
Old Sales Journal (on IJ):

Terms of Sale:

* Feel free to make offers if the price seems a little too high for you; the worst I can do is say no.

* If you send me a PM and want me to reply (for instance, with an offer on an item, or your paypal and a question) please be aware that I cannot reply to you if you have it set up so only your LJ friends can PM you!

* All sales are final.

* I comply 100% with Paypal’s Seller (and Buyer) Protection Policies regarding shipping. I ship domestic packages by priority mail, which is close to the same price as first class on smaller items when shipped by weight/destination. I ship by weight & destination when that’s cheaper but often use flat rate boxes or envelopes; because I don’t know how many things you want to buy or where you live, shipping is not included in prices.

* International shipping that meets Paypal requirements is expensive. Please don’t ask me to use “airmail,” which is not trackable. (I'll haggle on the items, but not on the shipping. I guess it works out to the same thing, but I don't want to be liable if something goes wrong.) Insured packages (all packages that are worth more than the base insurance on priority shipping will cover) cannot be marked for less than their actual value. However I can mark them as "personal effects" which is how (forwarding service) seems to do business, and maybe that will help.

* I have no control over Customs; I can’t be responsible for their charges (taxes and duties) or their actions, including delays in delivery, opened packages and items they damage when opening packages. If you’re afraid they will open the package, the easiest safeguard is to pay for EMS, because I’ve heard they usually leave those alone.

* Local pickup in San Francisco is fine. I don’t drive, so you’ll have to come to the Mission District, AP/Harajuku Hearts, or Japantown to meet me. Once you’ve paid at least half to hold the item till we meet, I’ll send you my contact info. You can give me the rest when we meet.

* No holds—everything is under $100. I appreciate the kindness others have shown me in holding items and would like to return it someday, but this is not the right time.

* With the exception of the tiara, I’m not interested in trades.

* First person to leave their Paypal address is the official buyer (unless they flake out). If you want to PM me your Paypal address, please comment that you are doing so because PM notifications have been a little erratic for me. I will screen your Paypal address if you post it.

* If you leave your Paypal address please be aware that though I might be working or eating or otherwise afk at the moment, I will send an invoice as soon as I see it. If you are expecting to be away from the computer for the rest of the day or the weekend please let me know and if you've changed your mind about buying please let me know that too.

Other Information:

* There is no smoking in our apartment but I do have two cats. They don’t wear clothes, but they shed. I will lint roll everything that’s been removed from original packaging and have washed all the items I’ve worn, though some of them may have been hanging in the closet a while since then. If you have allergies, please be aware that dander is invisible, and may still be present on items even if every hair is removed. Also, please request new flat rate packaging. I like to reuse boxes, but I’d rather not send an allergic person stuff in a box that I’ve previously found a cat curled up sleeping in.

* For the most part, these are items I bought or ordered that did not fit me. I don’t have pictures of myself wearing most of them and if I did, they’d be painfully hilarious, not useful.

* I wear size 14-18 miss, 15-19 junior or 12W-16W depending on brand and cut (in Japanese sizing this translates to L, LL, 3L and full shirring). Therefore, all the clothing in this post that is too small for me should fit a person who wears a 12 or 14, because I’m not actually delusional. If you consider that plus size-friendly (I don’t), this entire post is plus size-friendly.

* I have only marked clothing as plus size if it will actually fit a person who wears a size 18W and up.

* If you wear less than a size 10 miss US, I might have some socks that would fit you. Also bags and a tiara and possibly shoes.

* Shoe sizes in this post range from 24.5-26.0/8-11 US/38-42 EU/5.5-7 UK. I usually wear shoes that are 25.5/10 US/40 EU or 6.5 UK. Shoes I am selling will be just a little too small or too big for me. I am not selling any shoes that fit me right now.

Tiara (Trade or Sale):

BTSSB Versailles Rose Bouquet Tiara (NWOT), antique silver, $90
My tiara as uploaded to Poupee:

Stock photo from Baby site:
This is the only item for which I’d trade. It’s sold out on the BTSSB website. I will sell it, but I really would like to trade it for the antique silver AatP Time of the Roses tiara, which is also sold out. I have tried this tiara on but have not worn it for more than a minute or two. The comb is free of hair and has been cleaned. Ships in a small, sturdy box.

Clothing (Sales Only):

Yumetenbo (DreamV) Cutsew OP (NWT/sold out), pink, $70, size 3L
Fits like US L (11-14 jr/miss):
Stock photo:

My dress:

Bust: 96 cm/38 in, doubled armpit to armpit while hanging.
Waist: 82 cm/32 in, doubled side seam to side seam at waistband while hanging.
Shoulders: 38 cm/15 in
Back length: 83 cm/32.5 in from collar. (Bodice to waist: 34 cm/13.5 in; waist to hem of skirt 49 cm/19 in)
Sleeve cuff openings: 32 cm/12.5 in, slight stretch (~1 cm)
Skirt circumference: 270 cm/106 in: nearly 3 yards around, fits a petti just fine!
I got this Tuesday. This size and colour sold out before the reserve ended and are no longer available. The web page says the dress is made of a stretch knit, and will stretch. Listed measurements are the same as most other Yumetenbo stretch knit items in size 3L, which is normally my size. This dress does not stretch like those clothes do. It is solidly constructed with an interfaced waistband and straight, non-serged seams. The natural stretch of the fabric is completely disabled. This dress will not fit unless you are under the actual measurements by at least 2-4 cm, particularly at the waist. There is a side zipper. Ships in a large padded envelope (unless a flat rate box is cheaper or you buy more stuff). I use X-ray envelopes to ship items that won’t fit in smaller bubble mailers, so don’t be alarmed by that.

SOLD: Anna House Blouse 016-1127 (worn by previous owner/washed by me), white, $35, size XL

h.Naoto Frill Bunny Cutsew (NWT), white/pink, $25, size LL
Fits like 12-13, check measurements.

Bust: 90 cm/36 in
Waist: 78 cm/31 in
This cutsew is smaller than other h.Naoto LL-size cutsews. The fabric is thinner and less stretchy. There is enough give for a person who has a 90 cm bust to pull it over their head despite the 78 cm waist, but it won’t fit anyone with much more than that up top. The fabric is too thin to look good stretched out unless you enjoy the wet t-shirt look. I own an L-size Sixh tank and an LL-size h.Naoto cutsew OP that are both larger and stretchier. The top has been hanging in the closet a while and looks a bit dusty. Ships in padded envelope.

SOLD: PLUS handmade cutsew with neck ties (well-loved and washed), pink, $20

SOLD: Bodyline Blouse L009 (worn/washed by previous owner), pink/cream, $15, size 4L

Scully Rangewear Bloomers, peach (NWT/not tried on), and turquoise, (NWT/tried on over underwear), $15 each, both size L.
Fits like 12-16 L miss/13-17 XL jr/12W-14W; will stretch even more, but not attractively.

Waist Min-Max: 76-112 cm/30-44 in; not recommended for waists over 90 cm.
Hips Min-Max: up to 128 cm/50 in; not recommended for hips over 100 cm.
Thigh opening: 74 cm/29 in
Length: 61 cm/24 in (3 cm/~1 in lace)
Inseam: 21 cm/8.5 in
These are true to size L even though there is an enormous amount of fabric in them; they are supposed to be loose. Wearing them too tight at the hips will give you a camel toe and a stomach pooch. These can be worn as bloomers under a longer dress or skirt (IW style), as shorts with a cutsew for a casual summer look, as breeches for a sweet boystyle look, or as room wear. They will show under skirts that are not ~3 cm/1 in longer than they are. Ships in a padded envelope.

SOLD: PLUS Victorian/Old West-style blouse (worn/washed), white, $10, size XL

SOLD: PLUS vintage faux silk secretary blouse (worn/washed by previous owner), pink, $10, size 18

Socks (Sales Only):

Socks get their own section because I may have a little addiction here. They ship in a padded envelope. A padded Flat Rate envelope can hold several pairs so you can save on shipping! All socks which have been tried on by me were carefully tried on clean feet, not forced over calves or knees, and were on for < 5 minutes.

AP Sugary Pony OTK socks (NWOT unworn), periwinkle, $60

Calf width: up to 46 cm/19 in: over 40 cm, pattern is wider at calf area.
Length: 50 cm/19.5 in, but they will become knee socks on calves over ~40 cm.
This is the rare special set colourway—periwinkle, a shade of blue that is nearly purple. It’s gorgeous and matches nothing I own. The tag has gone AWOL, but the clips are still attached. I attest to the stretch because I own and wear them in pink. Ships in padded envelope.

SOLD: Putumayo Cat Window OTK/Thigh Socks (unworn but tried on), black, $40

SOLD: Putumayo Card Suit OTK socks (unworn but tried on), black, $25

Metamorphose Poodle OTK Lucky Pack Socks (unworn but tried on), cream, $15

Calf width: up to 40 cm/16 in easily; pattern stretches on larger calves
Length: 48 cm/19 in—but they will be knee socks on larger calves
Foot length: 24 cm/9 in (if your shoe size is over 24 cm/38 EU/9 US, forget it)
Cream with brown and mauve poodles and musical notes. Ships in padded envelope.

IW floral knit knee socks (worn and washed by previous owner), white, $10

Pattern closeup:
Calf width: up to 38 cm/15 in easily
Length: 30 cm/11.75 in
Foot length: 24 cm/9 in (if your shoe size is over 24 cm/38 EU/9 US, forget it)
I got these as part of an eBay lot, and have not worn them myself. I have no idea how many people have owned these. They do have a pretty floral embossed pattern, but they are rather worn, though there are no holes and the logo is visible—they’re not pilled, but the knit is a bit ‘fuzzy’ and thin. Could probably use a colour-safe bleach treatment. Ships in padded envelope.

Betsey Johnson frilled heart knit knee socks (worn and washed by me), black, $5

(sorry pic is terrible, will upload better one later)
Pattern (also terrible, will retake):
Calf width: up to 36 cm/14 in easily
Length: 38 cm/15 in
Rather delicate—I wouldn’t stretch these. Got tired of wearing them around my ankles, but they won’t go over my calves. I wore them maybe 3 times? Knit is very thick and attracts cat hair, then locks it in. I think I got all of it out but if I missed one I’m sorry; don’t buy them if you are allergic. Ships in padded envelope.

Music Legs fishnet ankle socks with raschel lace (NIP), white, $3

Basic fishnet ankle socks with raschel lace. Worth every penny of $3 and not a red cent more. Music Legs is comparable to Leg Avenue and other similar brands found in shops that cater to exotic dancers, cross-dressers and bargain hunters (and itas). These probably came from Multikulti on Valencia Street, home of offbrand mini-hats, cheap makeup and $20 pettis.

Bags, Shoes and Accessories (Sales Only):

Tralala (Liz Lisa) 3-Way Ribbon Flap Bag (NWT), black, $85
Original version of above pic:
Straps before I attached them to try it on:
Tags and bag charm:
Tag closeup:
Stock photo:
Stock photo as shoulder bag (in pink):
Stock photo as backpack (in pink and so tiny):
Bag width: 30 cm/11.75 in
Bag length: 20 cm/7.75 in – will not hold letter-size/A4 papers or files
Bag depth: 6 cm/2.25 in
Straps: 2, both adjustable for shoulder or backpack usage.
This bag has a 3600 cc carrying capacity. That’s a large wallet & smartphone OR small wallet & tablet plus a small cosmetics case or diary. It’s almost exactly the same size and shape as the AP Royal Chocolate 3-way bag. With the adjustable straps, you can carry it as a shoulder bag or backpack. There is a zippered interior pocket and two open interior pockets. Sold out online last winter; I bought it directly from Tralala website via Flutterscape. Ships in a box.

Queen Bee Shoes (NIB), off-white, $60, size LL, fit like 25.0/9/39.5.

Side view:
Queen Bee is a Japanese indie brand that sells lolita shoes and bags, but not clothing, in Japan at Marui One. To get them outside Japan it's best to go to Rakuten shops. For examples of their work, go here: I find that their quality is better than Bodyline or Yumetenbo/DreamV--the shoes are very sturdy and perfect for lolita, as long as you avoid the ones that have raschel lace on them. However, their sizing can be problematic. I have tried these on inside my apartment a couple of times for < 10 minutes but never wore them (too small and they hurt my arches). They would fit great if you wear 24.5-25.0 and do not have high arches/instep. The QB box is cute, but not sturdy enough for shipping, so I’d have to put it inside another box. If you don’t want it, I can ship them in a smaller box.

Queen Bee Mini Shoes (NIB), pink, $55—MISLABELLED SIZE LL, fit like 24.0-24.5/7.5/38

Measured pic:

Side view:
In box: (the pink box is the box for the white shoes, not these)
Stock photo:
Queen Bee is a Japanese indie brand that sells lolita shoes and bags, but not clothing, in Japan at Marui One. To get them outside Japan it's best to go to Rakuten shops. For examples of their work, go here: I find that their quality is better than Bodyline or Yumetenbo/DreamV--the shoes are very sturdy and perfect for lolita, as long as you avoid the ones that have raschel lace on them. However, their sizing can be problematic. These adorable shoes are labelled LL and so is their box, but they’re about 24.5 cm inside so they fit 24 cm/~9.5 inch feet. (In the picture, the tape measure I’m using has the centimetre marks under the numbers, not running thru them.)The original box is not sturdy enough to use for shipping, so I’d have to put it inside another box. If you don’t want the original, I can ship them in a smaller box.

SOLD: Bodyline Shoes 178 (worn), white, $25, size 260, fit like 26.0/10.5-11/41-42

Bodyline shoes 168 (altered/worn), black, $25, size 250, fit like 25.0/9/39

Sole issues:,,
I had a cobbler sew elastic into the instep straps, which is hidden by the bow, so the bow and thick straps would stop cutting into my instep. It helped, but they were also too short. I wore them for one day at the office and would like to note that one day’s wearing left minor wear on the soles, though this is probably because I walk funny. I don’t think they are too durable. Ships in a box (not original).

SOLD: Yumetenbo/DreamV “Frill Ribbon no Kawaii Lolita Pumps” (worn indoors on carpet for less than a day before I gave up on breaking them in), white, $25, size 25.0

Longtime “Bathory” shoulder pochette bag, NWOT, $20

Pockets and side view:,,,,
Bag length: 21 cm/8.25 in
Bag width: 18 cm
Bag depth: 5 cm
Strap length: adjustable up to 130 cm
Pockets: 4; zipped on back, zipped on front flap, open on bag front under flap, zipped inside.
This unusual gothic/punk bag was brought to me by a friend who’d been in Europe and bought it in a shop in a castle. (I used to play Elizabeth Bathory in his RPG.) It is not from Hot Topic bag—HT has a much lower quality of construction/detail. The brand is “Longtime” which I’ve never heard of before. It is very well made but I never use it because it is so small and also, covered in crosses (I don’t wear crosses), so I’m letting it go. I think it would look awesome with gothic, punk or aristocrat outfits. Attracts and holds onto cat hair, will lint-roll but please be aware. Ships in padded envelope.

Thanks for looking, if you have any questions just ask!

ETA: This got thru the moderation queue while I'm at work. I will answer all questions about shipping by weight when I get home tonight around 6 PM Pacific Time which unfortunately will be 1 AM GMT, so if Europeans have left their paypal, I will treat the item as pending sale, but if no paypal is left, first person to leave one will get it.
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