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DS: (reposts reduced): Annahouse, Meta, offbrand shoes

I accept Paypal only.  I do not charge Paypal fees.
Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated, please give me a location (zipcode and country) for a quote.
US buyers strongly preferred.  Buyers outside of the US be wary that the shipping for shoes will cost a lot.
First person to leave their Paypal gets priority.
No holds.
I have a dog and a cat.
Items will be shipped out after I have received full payment.
EGL feedback

I didn't wear any of these shoes personally and I received them all in the condition stated. 
Some are second hand, and in that case, it's stated.

White Annahouse shoes - 25cm - $10+shipping
Condition: 2/5
Bought second hand. The paint is chipping off in a lot of places.  I received them this way and tried to fix them up by repainting them.  The bows also had brown/tan glue underneath them so I had to clean that off and re-glue them.  Priced so low because of the condition.  Please look carefully at the photos to realize the condition they're in.  There are also a couple of dents in the shoes (the toes are sort of lumpy) from when the last person shipped them to me.  These are good starter shoes but keep in mind they aren't in good condition.

Photobucketplease note:

left shoe:


right shoe:

Pink shoes - 24.5cm - SOLD
Condition: 3.5/5
Condition is stated to be 3.5 only because the bows are glued on and one of the bows is about to fall off (pictured). The shoes are a faux-suede material.

Photobucketplease note:
the bows are glued on and one is about to come off
(the other 3 bows aren't as badly glued on as this one was)
additional photos:

Black triple bow shoes - 24cm - $25+shipping
Condition: 5/5
These shoes have a fake buckle. You slide the fake buckle behind the real one and it stays there -- kind of complicated to explain, but it's really easy to do.  I'd only recommend this shoe for someone with narrow feet.  The heel is a blue-ish color.
additional photos:

Brown shoes - 25cm - $20+shipping
Condition: 4/5
Condition is 4/5 because the material covering the inside heel was made badly (pictured). 
No other defects.  This also has a fake buckle.

Photobucketplease note:
inside heel
(the left one is messed up, not noticeable from the outside):

additional photos:
outside heel
fake buckle

Metamorphose sax gingham lucky pack JSK - bust goes up to 38in comfortably - SOLD:
This came in a Meta lucky pack. The bust goes up to 38in and the waist is free, since it's a baby doll dress. The waist ties are detachable. There's a built-in slip and petti. :)  It's also fully shirred!

additional photos:
bottom ruffles
waist ties/buttons
built in slip/petti

Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand

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