ima-princess (sweetiepieloli) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!ATTN Seller: daimeiwaku RESOLVED

I ordered 2 pairs of socks over 3 weeks ago now (March 28), paid the invoice and they were shipped right away.  Unfortunately, there was an address mishap on my part (got my uni and home zip codes mixed up) and the item was returned to the seller.  I e-mailed my correct address with no response (April 8).  I've e-mailed her at two e-mail addresses and messaged her on LJ with no response.  This is becoming really urgent not only because I'm a poor art student out some money without any socks, but also because I am leaving school THIS SUNDAY.  My internship is in my school town but I will not be returning for roughly 1 month.  So if they haven't been mailed yet, I need to change the address.
daimeiwaku has lots of good reviews - 5 since the confusion began - so I don't want to file a payment complaint/reversal with paypal unless it's the last option.

daimeiwaku, if you see this, please contact me!

if anyone else has any information please let me know.  This is my first time buying off of comm_sales so.

Got in touch with her ;) all is well <3 thanks everyone
Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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