phoenixlolita (phoenixlolita) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS/DT: Plus Size Oo Jia Vampire Requiem Replica *SOLD!* (please remember to leave feedback at the end, only one person has :( )
Navy Vampire Requiem Replica - Plus Size Only
Bust: 110-115 cm - has shirring so can probably go bigger
Waist: 95 - 110 cm
Missing one waist tie button (mysteriously disappeared) and headbow isn't attached to anything (bought that way)
Tried on by previous owner and by myself. I paid £65 plus shipping & pp fees and would like £60 (UK shipping included) (international please ask)- perfect condition (besides that one missing button so I've knocked off a fiver)

 previous owner's photo (much clearer than mine and shows both waist ties)
 my proof photo excuse the darkness, the rain has turned my flat to a dark cave >_<.

Open to trades for other replicas like Melty Chocolate JSK in Mint, Fantastic Dolly in Red or Lavender. Will consider pretty much anything that's not yellow or pink and will fit a 42" Bust and 36" waist (preferably with a wee bit of spare room, not at the absolute max)

Tags: !ds, !dt, *plus size, *replica, color:blue, item:jumperskirt, offbrand

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