Child of Winter's Children (joyeuxcherie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Child of Winter's Children

WTB: Brand/Offbrand JSKs, SOCKS, and Head acc. - Sweet or Classic (AP, BTSSB, Meta, Bodyline)

Location is NY, USA
I will pay with paypal so if you charge a fee please have that added it to the price.
My feedback:

I am looking to buy Classic or Sweet style:

Brands: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Bodyline..and OFFBRAND/Replicas

Used is fine, secondhand, etc. :D Even a few stains and minor damage.

I would be interested in older items but not super rare prints or newer items as my budget is not that large.

Budget, I know this is low for a Brand WTB, $100 range for Brand JSKs.
As for offbrand and replica, I know it varies.

I am open to anything as this a semi-emergency WTB so just shoot me a reply with an item and I will check it out!


OTK socks (Pinks, Creams) - print or solid
JSK - Pink, Blue, Cream, Red/Maroon, Brown some Black. can be print or solid, needs shirring. No high waist items please.
Headbows: Pink, Blue, Cream, Brown, Blue - can be print or solid

As for wigs:

Mid length, with bangs and curls, medium or dark brown color.

Measurements for reference: Waist 82cm/32inches Bust 96cm/37inches - 

Thank you so much!
Tags: !wtb, *plus size, angelic pretty, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:black, color:blue, color:brown, color:cream, color:pink, color:purple, color:white, indie brand, innocent world, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:wigs, metamorphose, offbrand

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