Genevieve Joy Rose (genevievejoy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Genevieve Joy Rose

WTB!: Milky Planet and Sugary Carnival replica skirts! ♥ Also, DESPERATELY seeking Cat in Window! ♥

My EGL Feedback

I've been searching all over for this gorgeous skirt, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.. ;o; 
I'd love to buy it in any colorway or size (I am petite, but I don't mind a larger size), if anyone has one laying around~!  ;u;
I know the replica has been poorly reviewed, but replica is fine, too!  c:

Also, I was thinking about buying a Milky Planet replica from DOL or Oo Jia soon, but I figured I should check here first to see if I can find a lightly used one and perhaps save a bit on shipping.  c:
I'd like any of the light-colored versions, but I'm not too fond of the black.. show me what you've got, though, and I'll gladly consider anything!  :D

I'm primarily looking for the skirt, but I also like the scalloped-neck JSK, so I will look at either in any color.  c:

I also LOVE the Sugary Carnival replicas, so I would also like to see if anyone has one~ 

I am most fond of the blue or lavendar skirts, so I'd prefer those over anything else (blue with highest priority ), but again, I will look at everything and if I like it I'll probably buy.  :)

Only skirts for Sugary Carnival, please. 

Tags: !wtb, putumayo

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