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DS: AP Heart Marine JSK, AP Lyrical Bunny, BTSSB Wristcuffs/Socks, Swimmer, WTB: Angelic School

Items shipped from Los Angeles, California.
All items have shipping within the US included.
Paypal only please.
Please no trades.
Feedback can be found here.
I'll try to add a little gift like a brand bag with each item.

Dream Sky Over the Knee Socks (new and unworn)
Info here:
I bought these to match my Dream Sky JSK but decided I like to match it with more over the top leggings. They are new and unworn and come with the original tag. I bought them off of YahooJapan so I'm hoping to make up what I spent, but I am open to other offers.
Asking: $45 shipped

Stock Photo

BTSSB White Wristcuffs
Very cute but not my style. I won these in a lolita lot auction where all I really wanted was the dress. :)
Asking: $25 shipped

BTSSB black knee highs
These were also part of the lolita lot auction. Sort of oldschool style and they show signs of being worn (not by me).
Asking: $15 shipped

Swimmer Underwear
New with tag. Very cute (3 different prints - bows, logo, and bears) - I took them out of the package to look at the prints but they are unworn. They come in a cute reusable pouch. They stretch a little but just keep in mind they are Japanese sized...
Asking: $15 shipped

Out of the package

Offbrand Cupcake-shaped purse

This is a really cute knit purse you can use to carry your basic loli needs around in. It can hold money, cellphone, etc. The more inside, the puffier it gets. I took this picture with a couple of socks inside of it, and closed it on top by pulling the drawstrings. I have a usakumya and other loli purses so I've only taken this out maybe once or twice.
Asking: $15 shipped

Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny Necklace Pink
Really adorable I just have too many necklaces. xD In very good condition.
Here's more info and stock photos:
Asking: $60 shipped

Angelic Pretty Heart Marine JSK (Black)
Lovely JSK, but I have a very similar one already in my wardrobe. The heart shaped pockets are way too cute! Technically it's damaged because it's missing a button, but I don't think it'd be that hard to find a black heart shaped button to replace it with.
Here's the info:
Asking: $140 Shipped

Proof    Missing Button


Long shot, but does anyone have this top in black? Or anything from the AP Angelic School line?

Tags: !ds, !wtb, angelic pretty, bodyline, swimmer
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