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Updated 75/25 Guidelines

milkteamilk was kind enough to make up some image-based guidelines for the ever-troublesome 75/25 rule :) Hopefully this will shed a little light on the way we enforce this rule and enable you to work out what items are okay for sale before making your post!

A couple of notes
What does “loliable” mean, anyways? 
An item is not loliable just because it “could work” with a lolita outfit. A piece is not loliable because it is pink and has a floral print. A piece is not loliable just because you’ve worn it with a lolita outfit. A piece is loliable because it could work with a very obviously lolita outfit in a way that’s immediately obvious for most lolitas upon seeing the item, even if it doesn’t come from a whitelisted brand or perfectly represent a lolita substyle. The term also applies to non-clothing pieces, like cute combs, pretty headphones, and deco-ed phone cases. 

What kinds of items are considered “lolita”? 
Please refer to this post for a list of items that the moderation team recognizes as lolita. Items from whitelisted brands also fall into this category. 

I think my item is lolita/loliable, but a mod said I couldn't post it. What can I do? 
Begin by PMing the moderator who rejected your post with images of your items, and request that they present your items to the moderation team. The moderators will then review and vote on which items are lolita, which are loliable, and which are unacceptable. A moderator will then PM you to let you know which items you may post.

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