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[DS/DT] Handmade VM Op [AFC] Felt Starclips, Jewellery...

Hi there!

Here my current trades / Sellings.
---- Informations: ----

I'm shipping from FRANCE
Price DOESN'T include shipping, just ask.
I'm not responsible for shipping losts and problems, please be aware of that.

I'm looking at every trade, but not really in EGL or gothic. I'm mainly Sweet, Classic, Fairy Kei, Sailor...

Don't worry, just ask any questions !

---- My Feedbacks ----

EBAY 100% feedback
EGL 100% Feedback

--- Handmade Victorian Maiden inspired OP ---

This is one of my firsts dresses I made. I made it and worn it only 1 time for a celebration.
It has NO lining, but the finitions are corrects. Half shirring at the back.
Waist ties aren't amovibles (but I can do so)
I can remove the satin ribbon too.

The measurements are (you can add 5cm with extra shirring):
Bust : 85cm
Waist : 70cm
Length: 100cm

I would like to sell it for 50€ or consider a trade for bodyline, taobao, DOL...


---------- Available for Commission ------------
Felt StarClips 2Ways

2Ways star clips in felt material with beads.
With or without satin bow

1 color = 6€
2, 3 colors = 8€

Felt colors are quite particuliar, so be aware that I can't find all the colors you want. But just ask me and I'll show you what is possible.
I haven't found glittering felt yet, but if you saw some, just let me know, I'm highly interested.

I can add some glitterglue on the star border.


Felt Playng Cards Symbol 2Ways

2Ways star clips in felt material with beads.
With or without satin bow on the heart

Unique price = 8€
But you can choose other color for beads or even felt.

(this is a prototype, the final model will have ROUNDED all beads)
(sorry for the bad picture, better will come)

Bow with pearls Haircombs or Hairclips

Satin Bows with pearls on little combs or clips (picture is with clips).

In stock material (Limited Time) = 5€/ pair
ask for available colors!

If I must buy ribbon or beads = 10€/ pair

--- Version 1.0 : 1 layer with 2 sized ribbons ---

--- Version 2.0 : 2 layers with same sized ribbons ---

Glowing Star Necklace

Acrylic Star pendant, filled with little beads. The star beads glow in the dark!

Blue , Pink in stock , Yellow on order = 18€

Star Bottle with Glitter Rainbow Necklace

Tiny star bottle pendent filled with rainbow glitters, with crystal and rainbow beads.

Only 4 in stock for the moment = 15€ (special price)

Nylon Lace Wristcuffs

Wristcuffs made with soft nylon/raschel lace, with bow and beads.

Each pair = 15€

Colors in stock:

Light Blue, Black, White, Light Yellow
Other colors available on order, price will be calculated on supplies.

You can find ALL my stuff on my Facebook pages and my online stores, feel free to ask if you want to see what I make.

Tags: !afc, !ds, !dt, handmade, indie brand, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece

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