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!WTB: END of Immortal EDEN JSK II

Hi there! I'm here looking for the END of Immortal EDEN JSK II in black. (Aren't we all? you think as you read this.) I know it's a bit silly to post a WTB for a dress that only just came out. However, I've had my heart set on having the black colorway of this dress for my 21st birthday this March, and it's already sold out. So with hope and desperation, I turn to you to help me. I know the chances are slim, I'm mostly hoping someone either bought it and didn't like it or it didn't fit, etc. Whatever the reason, please contact me if you're willing to give yours up!

I pay with paypal and prefer a seller in the US as the amount I am aiming to spend is $350 including shipping to New York. (The dress is about $324 new, so I think this is appropriate.) I'll go for more if the headbow is included though. Payment may not be immediate, but it should be within a few days to a week at most.

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This is the dress I am looking for. Please note that I am only interested in the BLACK colorway.

To other sellers: If you think you have something else I might like (my colors are black, ivory/gold, and red) that you are willing to part with for $350 or less, please do leave a comment below. Priority goes to EDEN of course, though. Thank you very much for your time!

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