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DS: 26 tops and other stuff *all under $85* from AP,AatP,PN,h Naoto,Meta,Shirley Temple and more

I'm in the process of desperately trying to raise more money for my trip to Japan in late April.  The goal is to sell off as much of my wardrobe that I'm not completely attached to as possible.  I'm planning to do a LOT of shopping, so need money and closet space.  If you'd like to make an offer, feel free, but I'm much more likely to agree if you're purchasing multiple items. ^^

Paypal only please.  Not interested in trades right now.   Paypal fees are paid by me, although I'm willing to take a couple of dollars off (equal to the PP fees) if you're willing to send payment as a "gift".

I have a cat.  She isn't allowed into my walk in closet where I keep my loli clothes, but keep this in mind if you have severe cat allergies.

Payment is accepted in either Canadian$ OR US$ (at par).  Please let me know if which currency you'd like to be invoiced in or I will default on US$ for American buyers and CDN$ for Canadian buyers and CDN$ for everyone else (unless you specify you'd like US$ invoice).

Layaway is available with a $20 non-refundable deposit (sent as a paypal "gift") for up to 2 months.  You can lay out how many payments/payment amounts.  I'm flexible as long as there is good communications.  I will send an invoice for only one payment in the layaway plan (the rest must be made as paypal "gifts") as paypal will end up charging me more overall for many small payments instead of one big payment.  However, if you agree to pay the paypal fees, I will happily send invoices for however many payments you need/want.

Preference may be given to buyers from US and Canada due to long international shipping times, but I usually go with whoever is first to ask to be invoiced gets first dibs.  I reserve the right to give preference to a US/Canadian buyer if the sale hasn't been finalized with invoicing.

$8 via Expedited Parcel (insured and tracked), + $2 for each additional item

$10 via Small Packet Airmail (insured, no tracking), + $3 for each additional item
$16 via Expedited Parcel (insured and tracked), + $3 for each additional item

via Small Packet airmail (insured, no tracking), + $3 for each additional item
Tracking is only available by EMS, which starts at $60 (CanadaPost is crazy, I know).

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not be held responsible for parcels if no tracking number is purchased.  If you want a tracking number, please request Expedited Parcel shipping.

Package value can be marked down, but please keep in mind that the package can only be insured for the amount declared, so if you want a $100 item marked down to $40 on the package, it can only be insured for $40.  Please let me know if you want the value marked down before or at the same time you request an invoice and also include what amount you want the value to be marked as.

My dressform measures (for reference purposes only)
Bust: 35in
Waist: 27in
Hips: 37in
Girth: Approx. 60-62in (hard to measure since it has no "crotch" to measure around properly...)
This pretty much matches a US Medium/US 6/UK 10.  It's girth also matches mine very closely and I'm 5'7", so it is not a "petite" size mannequin like what you'd find in the brands' stock pictures.

Feedback (and lots of it):

No holds.  First to invoice gets first dibs.
AatP Vampire Requiem red wine tote bag  $40+shipping  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Bought 2nd hand, used a few times by the previous owner.  No damage or stains, but the handles are a bit wrinkled.
Length: 13in
Width: 7in
Thickness: 2in
Peace Now Military Blazer  $50+shipping  SOLD
Additional pic
Condition:  Excellent condition.  I bought off Y!J thinking it was black (the picture was kind of dark), but obviously it's not, so it dashed my plans to wear it at work where we have an all-black dress code on show dates.  It really sucks that I don't have much that work with this colour although I have a huge weak spot for military themed stuff.
Shoulder Width: 15in
Bust: 36in
Waist:  31in
Length:  21in
Sleeve length: 24in
AatP black cardigan  $50+shipping SOLD
Close up of embroidery patch
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Bought second hand.  Great versatile cardigan for lolita coordinates and great for casual wear.  The knit is a slightly looser knit which is why the picture looks a little sheer.  You can see the size of the knit better in the close up picture.  It's a nice weight for wearing in spring or even on a chilly summer evening.
Shoulder Width: 15-16in (stretchy)
Bust:  34-41in (it can stretch more, but the button closure might gape)
Waist:  31-38in
Length:  25in
Sleeve length: 26in
AP black Strawberry Heart Bolero  $60+shipping  SOLD
Hellolace entry
Additional pic
close up of broken stitch

Condition:  Excellent condition.  Bought used, worn once by me for about 2 hours.  I bought it a couple of years ago to go with my black CBB OP (to stay warm in the winter), but I noticed that I really don't tend to wear the OP in winter, so I'm selling it since I haven't worn it in over 2 years.  Made from 100% wool, so it's very warm!  It has some pilling around the sides that can probably be easily removed with a depilling tool and it has one broken stitch right at the back of the neck (which I've checked carefully and it will NOT unravel at all).
Shoulder Width: 15-16in (stretchy)
Bust:  32-40in
Length:  14in
Sleeve length: 21in

h Naoto Blood cardigan  $52+shipping SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Great for gothic loli coords, but I own way too many black cardigans and boleros (and tops in general), so I'm selling off a few of them to trim my collection.  It has soft, ruffly bell sleeves and screen-printed trim around the neckline.  The bottom hem has two layers of wide ruffles, one is an h Naoto style screen printed fabric topped with a layer of sheer black chiffon.  Laces up in the back for extra flexibility in sizing.
Shoulder Width: 16-17in  (stretchy)
Bust:  31-38in
Waist:  27-34in (can be made smaller with back lacing)
Length:  23in
Sleeve length: 25in
AP white long sleeve Cut-sew  $70+shipping  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Very light pilling (so light I can't capture it with my camera), can be easily removed with a depilling tool or just as easily ignored.
Shoulder Width: 15in  (stretchy)
Bust:  33-40in (can stretch further, but these are my recommendations)
Waist:  31-37in
Length:  17in
Sleeve length: 21.5in
AP sax blue Tulle Pearl Cut-sew  $70+shipping SOLD
Hellolace entry
Condition:  Excellent condition.  The ribbon bow is brooch back and removable.  Has a small dirt mark (approx 0.5in across) on the underside of the left sleeve and very light pilling (so light I can't capture it with my camera).  Can probably be easily removed with light cleaning and a depilling tool (respectively) or just as easily ignored.
Shoulder Width: 15in  (stretchy)
Bust:  32-38in (can stretch further, but these are my recommendations)
Waist:  28-34in
Length:  20.5in
Sleeve length: 24in
Meta pink bow tie blouse  $55+shipping SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Really cute blouse with removable bow tie.  It's a mixture of regular cotton fabrici and a polka dot fabric (like the fabric from Baby's Snow Dot dresses).  One small grey mark on the back of the sleeve.
Shoulder Width: 15in
Bust:  35-40in (shirred in the back)
Waist:  30-34in
Length:  22in
Sleeve length: 24in
Off-brand grey blouse with small neck bow  $18+shipping  SOLD
Additional pic
Condition:  Brand new, tried on once.  Unfortunately too tight in the bust for me.  Great little blouse with embroidered lace.  The bow tie is removable and the collar area has little "belt loops" to keep the bow tie in place around the collar.
Shoulder Width: 15in
Bust:  35in
Waist:  31in
Length:  23in
Sleeve length: 22in
Putumayo wings print hoodie  $36+shipping  SOLD

Condition: Excellent condition.  Light blue print on black fabric.  I thought it was white print when I bought it and the blue never really grew on me.
Bust: 32in-36in
Waist: 30in-34in
Length: 23in

Putumayo blue and white striped tank top  $25+shipping  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Black print on a light blue and white striped tank top.
Bust: 29in-36in
Waist: 26in-31in
Length: 19.5in

Putumayo black and fuschia plaid tank top  $24+shipping SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Fuschia print on black with a plaid fabric trim and bow at the top lined with an eyelet lace ruffle.  The bottom is ruched at the sides.  Very light pilling.
Bust: 29in-35in
Waist: 26in-32in
Length: 18in

Putumayo puff sleeve cut-sew top  $25+shipping SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Pink print on a black shirt (the flash made it look white in the photo). 
Bust: 32in-38in
Waist: 30in-36in
Length: 20in
h Honey and Jelly halter tank top  $35+shipping  SOLD
Worn pic in bad lighting

Condition: Excellent condition.  Very thick and heavy fabric.  Flares out slightly from the underbust and has loads of lace and ruffles.
Bust: 28in-40in
Length: 22in

8. h Naoto Candy & Purin half length sleeve top  $25+shipping  SOLD
Print close up
Condition: Excellent condition.  Light pink print on a white shirt with pink ruffles along the bottom.  Has some light purple-ish stains on the sleeves (visible in the photo).  Not sure if it will come out with bleach, but it looks like maybe the previous owner was carrying a dark bag that rubbed off it's colour on the inside of the sleeves.
Bust: 28in-37in
Waist: 25in-33in
Length: 21in

Gouk half length sleeve top  $20+shipping (on right, the tote bag has already been sold)
Condition: Good condition.  Worn a few times, but still in great shape, though has some pilling here and there.  This was one of my favourite tops for a while, but I don't wear it anymore.  Extremely comfortable.
Bust: 33in-40in (LOTS of stretch, can go a bit bigger if you don't mind stretching the screenprint design)
Length: 20.5in
Sleeve Length: 10.5in
BPN puff sleeve top  $30+shipping  SOLD
Print close up
Condition: New with tag.  Black print on a white top with a row of ruffles around the neckline and puff sleeves.
Bust: 30in-36in
Waist: 25in-30in
Length: 22.5in
Algonquins high waist skirt  $60+shipping  SOLD
Skirt alone
Condition:  Excellent condition.  The high waist portion is removable and can be worn separately.  They're attached with a series of snaps around the waist of the skirt and the inside of the zip up "belt".  The skirt has a layer big eye mesh over a layer of striped fabric.  The high waist portion is adjustable with a ribbon threaded throughout and tied in the back.  The skirt has an elastic waistband.  Very versatile and each part of the set can be worn separately with other pieces.
Waist:  32in (can be tightened to any smaller measurements, though I'd recommend a minimum of 25in)
Length:  19in
Shirley Temple Deer Skirt  $70+shipping  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  No damage that I can find and the fabric still has a "crisp" feeling to it, so I don't think it was worn many times by the previous owner and I have only tried it on briefly.  There are fawn fur (faux fur) pompons on the end of the waist ties and the waist ties are removable.  Half the wait is shirred, so it will fit a wide range of sizes, but note that there is no side zipper, so it has to be slipped over the head or hips (for reference, I have 15.5-16in wide shoulders and I can slip it on over my head comfortably).  It has one hidden side pocket, which was a rare and pleasant surprise on a lolita skirt.
Waist:  23-35in
Length:  18.5in

Cornet Black Skirt with Built-in Petticoat  $40+shipping
Condition: Used in good condition.  Built in petticoat and lots of floof.  Very cute basic black skirt or can be worn as a super poofy petticoat.
Waist: 23in - 26in (slightly elastic on the sides)
Length: 21.5in

Emily Temple Cute white Cotton Skirt  $30+shipping  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Worn a couple of times by the previous owner.  Nice, simple white skirt with a white cotton lace overlay.  Would be great as an underskirt or worn on it's own.
Waist: 23in-26in (partial shirring)
Length: 18in
BtSSB black Snow Polkadot Sundress  $85+shipping  SOLD
Hellolace entry
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn by it's previous owner (not sure how many times, but she took good care of it) and cleaned before it was sent to me.  I've only tried it on once.  Partially shirred.  It is a little linty from storage.  It's hard to remove every last bit of lint since the raised "dot" part of the fabric makes it hard for my lint roller to do it's job. 
Bust: 32-35in
High waist:  28-30in
Length:  35.5in
Might be a bit more expensive to ship internationally than listed to some countries.
Angelic Pretty white Parasol with Tote bag  $32+shipping  SOLD
Close up of print  For print detail only.  This item is lavender print on white background.
Condition: Brand new with tags.  Includes the folding umbrella/parasol and the matching mini-tote.  Lavender print on a white background.
Angelic Pretty pink Parasol with Tote bag  $32+shipping  SOLD
Close up of print
Condition: Brand new with tags.  Includes the folding umbrella/parasol and the matching mini-tote. 
Pink print on a pink background.
Ar Pakasso pink ear muffs  $28+shipping  SOLD
Condition:  Brand new with tags.  Super soft and very warm.  I finally got the brown ones, so I have no need for the pink ones anymore.  Never worn, not even tried on.  These do fit adult heads, or rather, I believe they're made for adult heads since they fit far too well to have been made for children. XD
Ar Pakasso off-white alpaca with white faux fur "fox tail"  $15+shipping  SOLD
Condition:  Brand new with tag.  I got a few for myself and a friend and sold the rest at my booth at conventions.  This is the last one left and I really don't want to find space for it in my booth at my next con, so hoping to find a new owner online.  It's the larger of the "fox tails" released (it came in 2 sizes).  It comes with the fox tail portion (which is very soft faux fur) removable with a lobster claw clasp.  I think it's a better size to hang off a purse for decoration rather than hang it off a phone (it comes with a ball chain and a cell phone strap, so both options are there) since it's about 3 times bigger than my phone, but it'll be pretty darn hard to lose your cell phone if you have this hanging off it.
Size: Fox tail portion is 16cm long

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Paypal only.
First to invoice gets first dibs.  I reserve the rights to give priority to a buyer from the USA or Canada over an international one if the sale is not finalized yet with invoicing.
No trades.

In light of the recent scamming incident, please PM me your paypal address.  You can "claim" your place in line for an item by just leaving a comment like "I want to buy XXX, PMing you my paypal for the invoice."

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