plushi_chan (plushi_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS Bodyline Bunny Cardigan

Hey everyone! I'm selling this cute bunny cardigan from Bodyline and I would like to find it a good home!

Feedback here!:

Some things to remember!
♥ I only accept Paypal
♥ Shipping fees are not included in the price
♥ Once the package has been shipped out I can not take responsiblity for lost or damaged goods (hopefully it doesnt happen! >.< )
♥ All prices are in Canadian Dollars (I'm Canadia! X3)
♥ I live in a smoke and pet free home!

Bodyline Bunny Cardigan in Sax! $45 CAD


♥ Size: 2L (Length 78cm Bust 102cm Waist 88cm Shoulder length 40cm Sleeve length 61cm) *according to website
(I'm a 106cm bust and it fits me just fine!)
♥ Almost like new condition without the tags (I say almost because bodyline doesnt sew snaps on properly)
♥ I can easyly fix the snaps for no extra charge!
♥ Word of warning: Where the fabrics change is not stretchy! (so if you have wide hips the cardigan will roll up a bit!)

Thank you for taking a look!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, color:blue, item:cardigan

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