bernie (beanie_nup) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB/!DT(?)/!WTC(?) Lavender and Mint things~

EGL feedback:

Quotes in USD or AUD, include any estimated shipping/fees
Will only buy from those with majority +ve feedback
Only paypal, can do gift/invoices
Meetups with local sellers is fine

Hi everyone! Am looking for a few things for a lavender mint/other colour coordinate with a Katamari skirt from AetasVitae, cause I don't have much pastal/bright colours in my wardrobe 8(.

Garment in question:
Give and take colour saturation on different screens.

Show me what you got, my list is basic so just post anything, I'll go through them all. Not tight budget wise but I'am not planning to drop $150 on 1 item (or something along those lines).

No pink thanks, other colours welcome just keep them pastel!

More important things:
Lavender/Mint blouses/cutsews/boleros/cardigans (For bust 90cm please) FOUND

Lavender/Mint Tea Parties or other shoes in a matt material (24.5cm, 39) < Probably wiser if I could get them locally :<

Fairy Kei things?

I might look into accessories, but its not high on my to buy list. Sweet accessories mainly to match the skirt, + points for Katamari related things.

Do not mind commissions, but I need to have these items before April.

If you don't mind trading as well, I have an IW beige/cream blouse and a mainly pink accessory set here

Thank you everyone! :)
Tags: !dt, !wtb, !wtc, any brand, color:green, color:purple

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