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GO: Innocent World Oddment Pack B -- CLOSED

Hello there!

Innocent world just posted the Oddment Items Lucky Pack and the packs are huge! I would like to find some fellow lolitas to split it with me.

Here is my feedback page

Here is a link to innocent world's page about the pack

I was asked about smaller shares so I am going to have four shares of 1/5 of the pack and two shares of 1/10 of the pack.

If you would like a 1/5 of the pack here is the price:
---- For pack B with five people including myself it would be:  16800yen each before Shipping 1/5 of the pack

I accept payment by paypal to chirolyn_chan@hotmail.com

Just to make things easy for everyone there will be three payments.
--- First: will be the payment for items. (payment in yen)
---Second: once I get the invoice from IW about shipping I will invoice for an equal share of shipping. (payment in yen)
---Third: Shipping to you. (payment in usd)

* please note that there will be paypal fees to pay on each payment.
** Last time Shipping was about 3500yen each from innocent world.

Splitting of the pack
Once I receive the pack I will take photos of everything and try to price the items using their original price as a guide line but I will take defects in account of the price. Once I know the price of everything I will assign a point value to each item. Once this is done everyone will give me a list of the items they would like with their top choices with a back of list for each item. I do this so that everyone has the best chance to get as many of the items they want most.

Here is a link to my last split of a innocent world Oddment Lucky Pack size B so you can get an idea of what kind of items might be in the pack and how we split the pack last time.

Last time we did not get hit by customs but if we do this time we each pay a portion of the customs equal to the percent of the pack that you ordered.

People in the GO
[info]ravenslolita -- 1/5 of the pack
[info]bemused_dreamer 1/5 of the pack
kilo01 -- 1/5 of the pack
princewicca -- 1/5 of the Pack
anayokari -- 1/5 of the Pack
[edit 2/27] I have invoiced everyone in the group order and have gotten confirmation from innocent world that we got a pack but they will not be sending the invoice until the 1st of may due to them moving to a new office.
[edit 2/29] Innocent world has invoiced us! I'm sending out the shipping invoice now.
[edit 3/5] I got the final payment for shipping today. I paid innocent world and I will post when i get a tacking number from them.
[edit 3/12] Innocent world has posted our package. Here is the tracking number: EJ160364204JP
[edit 3/15] I HAVE THE PACK!

Splitting the pack
  • We each get 25 points please do your best to use all of those points. Sadly we didn't get a lot of small items to make this super easy.
  • Please make a list of your top choices using your points. Make #1 the item you want the most and move down the list. Make sure to inclue a B option for evey time. If you do not get your first choice on one item you will get your first choice on another on your list. I want everyone to get the best pick they can. 

One Point Items

Lion Crown Umbrella
Price: ¥4,725

Heart Rose OTKs
Price: ¥2,625

viennese waltz lunch set (bag and cloth)
Price: ¥3,360

Two Point Items

Tulle Lace Back Ribbon Pullover
Price: ¥7,980 -- No flaws found
Size looks to be correct and is pretty stretchy.

Original Lace Stole
Price: ¥8,295

Three Point Items

Heart and Pearl Cutsew
Price: ¥9,975 -- Missing small neck bow
size seems correct -- arms are also okay for larger arms

Annette OP
Price: ¥10,290 -- No flaws found
Size: M -- size seems correct

Heart Scallop Round Bag 
Price: ¥10,290
Damage: Very light marks on the top, looks like where normal wear will happen.

Four Point Items

Torchon Lace Plain Standing Collar Blouse
Price: ¥13,440
Size seems correct

I have no been able to find this blouse.
flat Bust: 46cm
Waist : 38cm

I have not been able to find this blouse. It is super soft and light.
Flat Bust: 46cm
Waist: 38cm

Dobby Tie Blouse
Price: ¥12,390
Size: M 90-94cm bust bax
http://lolibrary.org/node/985 (very similar blouse)

Ribbon Embroidered Blouse
Price: ¥13,440
Size: Small
I would say max bus is closer to 86cm

Asteria Blouse
Price: ¥14,490
Damage: Missing neck ties
Size seems correct

Camille Skirt
Price: ¥12,915 -- No Flaws Found
size looks correct

Five Point Items

Chiffon Stripe Rose Skirt
¥15,540 -- No flaws found
length: middle length

Royal Crown Embroidery Skirt
Original Price: ¥16,590 -- no flaws found
looks like max waist can go about 80cm

White daisy JSK
have no been able to find this JSK please let me know if you have any info on it.
has shirring
Bust: flat 51-55cm
waist: flat 37-50cm
Length: 98cm

Constance JSK
Original Price: ¥19,845 -- No flaws found
Size: M -- bust closer to 88cm i would say

Little Rose OP
Price: ¥18,900
Size: M --- max bus looks to be closer to 93cm not 95cm
Length: Long

Flora JSK
Price: ¥20,790 -- no flaws found
Size: M -- size seems correct
Length: S

Tulle Lace Triple Ribbons JSK
Price: ¥18,690  -- no flaws found
Size: M -- looks to be the correct size

1. Ribbon Scallop Boots (white)
Price: ¥20,790
Size: Marked as S -- i'd say closer to a M size. I wear 24/24.5 and can put them on.
Leg circumference is smaller than listed. Mine legs are near the max size listed and at the top the there is an a gap of about a half in on both side. 
Damage: small light scratch on one of the top of the boots by lacing

2. Heart Scallop Boots (black)
Price: ¥20,790
Size: marked as SS -- fits closer to a S
Also the Leg circumference is small like the other pair.

Six Point Items

Luna Striped Halterneck JSK
Price: ¥21,840
Size: M -- seems to be the correct size -- shirring my have a little bit more give then stated.
Length: long
Damage: Missing half of the front decorative buttons

Emilio OP
Price: ¥24,990 -- no flaws found
Size: M --- size looks to be about the same as on hellolace

Museum Bear OP
Price: ¥23,940 -- No flaws found
Size: M -- Seems to be the correct size.

Arabesque Rose JSK
Original Price: ¥22,890  -- No flaws found
Length: S
Size: M -- I would say the max bust is closer to 91cm not 98cm (too bad for me!!)

Twelve Point Item

Rose and Little Bird Coat
Original Price: ¥44,940
Size: M size looks to be right, maybe an extra cm or two in the bust.
Length: S 99cm Long
Damage: only missing a back button, however it comes with an extra button! Also it does come with the other collar.

Tags: !go, innocent world
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