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DS: AP, IW, indie brand blouses, Demonia Boots


~A Few Things~
-all sales final
-paypal only
-ask me about international shipping
-I'm in Boston so if you are there as well and don't want to pay for shipping costs, let me know :)
-I forgot to add my name on a post it to some of the items - if you want another pic with proof, let me know
-ask me if you have any questions about the items or if you want more pictures, etc
-I have cats

#1: AP Lucky Pack T-Shirt, white - $35 shipped SOLD

#2: Innocent World Short-Sleeved Blouse, white w/fake jabot + black ribbon - $70 shipped
-Bought on the comm sales but it is too small for me. Only worn once. In excellent condition, just needs to be pressed.
-It is probably an IW size S

front with and without ribbon:

corset lacing in back:

detail of jabot:

#3: Blasphemina's Closet blouse, off-white - $40 shipped
-worn a few times.
-has some discolorations (from ironing ;_;) which are hard to see and invisible on camera. Since the blouse is off-white, the discolorations pretty much blend in.
-I have a 37" (94cm) bust and it fits fine with some extra room


small dot on the front:

#4: A+Lidel Cutsew, off-white - $20 shipped SOLD

#5: Demonia Boots - $70 shipped SOLD

Previous sales post:

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