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WTB: Accessories

Hello lovelies! ^_^

I am interested in buying accessories to go with my new skirt from Bodyline.
Perhaps a headbow, headband, purse, jewelry, or socks. 
Ideally in purple, red, white/cream, or brown.
Prints are okay, but keep in mind that they have to match somewhat...
*Note: I love Chocomint items!

Due to the repaying of school loans, I'm afraid my budget is pretty tight ($30 or less).

Also, I do not have Paypal, so I will be paying you with a bank check instead. This method is pretty safe. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this: I would go to the bank, have them make out a check to you, then I send it in the mail. When you get the check, you send me the item. I can only send out one check per week, so please be patient. It is a bit slower, but doable. 

Feedback can be found here (+2) (Sorry not much, but I'm new to posting.)

***US (and possibly Canada) sellers preferred due to high shipping costs***

***Sorry, but I am NOT looking to commission or buy handmade items at this time***

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to your comments!
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