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DS: Large variety of things, brand + handmade

- I will ship worldwide. Shipping NOT included.
- Sale goes to first offer of payment.
- Please don't ask about shipping unless you are serious; Once I pack an item, I rather not UNpack it.
-My feedback can be found here
-Paypal only.

AP Scallop Front OP


Partially shirred in front. Fits a 37" Bust and 31" waist very comfortably.
$200 + shipping

AP red bustier
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Measurements: 45cm length, 90cm bust, 70cm waist
I have tried it on several times, but otherwise, it is in "like new" condition.
Has shirring and the shoulder straps are elastic. Fits me well with a 36" bust.
Simply realized I'd have to start a whole new red wardrobe in order to wear it xD;
$50 + shipping

BTSSB Bunny zip hood


This hoody had really puffy shoulders, which looked silly, so I carefully removed the seam
and resewed them with a flat shoulder. It looks quite natural. Nothing was cut off,
so it can be easily reversed, if you like.
$80 + shipping

Metamorphose Honey Picnic Vinyl Bag, mint

Back Front Details
Original Item Page
$100 shipped US

Angelic Pretty Fancy Twill Collar Bow Tie Pink Blouse


52cm length,
38cm shoulder width,
92cm bust,
80cm waist,
59cm sleeve length, 22.5cm cuff

Partially shirred.
Gorgeous lace and pearl buttons.
a little worn under the arms, but not noticeable when worn
$90 + shipping

Innocent World Socks


Angelic Pretty Star Night Circus Socks

Tried on, but unworn
$42 + shipping ($49 shipped US)

Angelic Pretty Star Socks

These have been worn and are a lightly stained on the bottom
See here and here
but look and feel normal when worn.
$25 + shipping

Angelic Pretty Novelty Set

New in package, includes tote bag and pocket mirror.
$25 + shipping

Tricorn Hat by sakurafairy

I bought this from another on egl_comm_sales, and she commissioned it.
I've never worn it, as I decided it wasn't my style.
$37 + shipping

Handmade Sweet Pins

All are $6/each
Once you order, I will sew a safety pit to the back, so they are easily attachable.
Cute Muffin
Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Shortcake
Pink Bowcake
Purple Bowcake

Offbrand black petticoat NEW

Very full petty!

Very full, bell-shapped, soft crinoline. 30-42"
Includes matching panties. NEW, and unworn.
$40 shipped

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