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DS: Huge Moving Sale: h.Naoto GOUK Putumayo Black Peace Now MILK Chantilly Bodyline & many more

I'll be moving in a couple of months and drastically need to downsize my collection. Plus, I decided to quit on Lolita and related styles as I don't get the chance to wear out all those beautiful items, which is quite a pity. ;__; So pls help me finding a lovin' home for my items. :). Tons of new items have been added. XD

Feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/729197.html

(!) I will ship worldwide and I'll accept payments through Paypal or regular bank money transfer (within Europe), shipping is NOT included so far - pls contact me for any info on shipping rates etc.
(!) I'm open for offers, so please feel free to haggle
(!) First Lolita clearly committing to buy and leaving her Paypal will get the item ^-^
(!) I will include a "Thank you" gift with every purchase



~~~ h.Naoto/GOUK/Kikou items ~~~

Rare h.Naoto Bunny bag - h.Naoto Seven version, one of the cutest bags I've ever seen *-*, has been worn out once by me, so it's still in excellent condition, $ 89

Rare h.Naoto note & address book, fully covered in metal plates with butterfly engraving on the front cover, new & unused, comes incl. box, $ 25 Sold

h.Naoto h.Anarchy spiderweb bag, loved to wear it but very rarely got the chance to take it out, so condition is excellent, easily fits A 4 sized folders, $ 55

Rare Gouk coat, free-size, fits best for a regular size S or M, rarely worn so still in excellent condition, $ 49 Sold

h.Naoto GOUK Kodona style pants, length ~ 46 cm, plain waist ~ 38 cm, excellent condition, $ 35

Hello Kitty x h.Naoto rare ballchain strap/keychain, used but still in very good condition, $ 9

cute h.Naoto Hangry & Angry soft pouch w/ zipper, perfect for keeping your mobile, jewellery or make-up safe, $ 12

h.Naoto SIXH supersize bag, perfect for school, university or weekend travels, loved to use it a couple of times, but it's still in very good condition, $ 55

Rare Kikou (h.Naoto sister-brand, Gouk) shoulder bag, beautiful flower pattern, excellent condition, closes with zipper, $ 39

GOUK (h.Naoto/s-inc) waist or hip belt, free-size, excellent condition, $ 25

~~~ other brand items ~~~

Putumayo long cut musical note knit cardigan, used but in very good condition, fits up to size L, $ 35

Vivienne Westwood Replica orb choker, rarely worn so still in very good condition, $ 25
Sold to kiyori

Chantilly Kokusyoku Sumire signed tote bag, new & unused, just kept it safely in my trunk, comes including Chantilly tag, $ 35

Milk velvet light pink x leo print flower headband, comes incl. matching box, excellent condition, $ 19

Betsey Johnson Leo heart necklace, used but in very good condition, $ 25

Miho Matsuda laced choker w/ cross pendant, excellent condition, $ 19

BPN light jacket, new & still w/ tags, size M, orignally retailing for $ 139, will sell for $ 39

BPN flared pants, new & still w/ tags, size M, orignally retailing for $ 139, will sell for $ 39 --> or very happily trade for a size L (!) *-*

Worn picture of the coordinates:

Artherapie bag, fits A 4 size exactly, excellent condition, $ 39 Sold

Bodyline cube bag, bought second hand, but it seems that it hasn't been used at all, cause it's still filled with the storage paper, closes with zipper, quite roomy inside (contains another zip pocket inside), $ 25 Sold to xx_jigsaw_xx

~~~ Freebies section ~~~

Pink House lavender shoulder bag, rarely worn, free with any purchase for at least $ 60

Jane Marple Dans le Salon exclusive postcardset incl. wooden photoframe, contains 8 postcards in total, new & unused, 2 available, free with any purchase for at least $ 50

Fruits Parlour Replica Bag made by a professional seamstress, free with any purchase for at least $ 50

cute knit Tote Bag by Jane Marple, closes with zipper, free with any purchase for at least $ 50

Lolita Komplex CD (includes free guitar pick), free with any purchase of at least $ 40

Cute tailor-made Angelic Pretty like tote bag, has been made by a professional designer according to my specifications, rarely used, free with any purchase of at least $ 40

Medium size black top hat, unworn, free with any purchase of at least $ 40

Muffin pin, new & unused, free with any purchase of at least $ 30

black bow accent mittens/armwarmers (DIY), free with any purchase of at least $ 30
Tags: !ds, *replica, black peace now, bodyline, color:black, h.naoto, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:cardigan, item:hoodie/parka, item:novelty, item:outerwear, item:pants, jane marple, miho matsuda, milk, vivienne westwood
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