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DS: AP bag and earrings, sweet jewelry and Bodyline cardigan

Hi, here a few things I have for sale ! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be glad to help you ^^

- Payments are to be made by paypal (in € currency if possible, +3,8% fees), bank transfer or checks for french people
- Shipping fees are not included in the price unless I say so. It will be my pleasure to let you know the several methods of shipping you can choose and their prices ^^ I'm not responsible for lost packages
- No trades please, I'll accept holds depending on the feedback of the person and with a non refundable deposit for a limited period. Payment plans are accepted on items worth more than 100€
- First person to leave her paypal address gets the item, but leaving the paypal address means you're actually willing to buy the item. If you have questions, ask them first ! I'll treat every offer depending on their time of arrival.
- Item goes to the best offer
- I don't smoke but have a cat which doesn't come near my clothes. I'll remove the cat hair anyway in case there are some on the clothes, it happens sometimes.
- I'll try to reply to your questions as fast as possible but live in a different timezone (France) so I'll do my best, please be patient ^^
- I have many positive feedbacks 
here !

Bodyline crown embroidery bolero in pink and white

[Proof Picture]
Soft bolero from Bodyline in pink with white lace and gold embroideries. Brand new, never worn.

Angelic Pretty "Scalloped chain" bag in pink

[Proof Picture]
Used outside only once for a few hours, this bag is in as new condition. It is adorable in shell shape with a golden heart charm and gold chain, makes it very cute and elegant at the same time. It is approximately 15x20cm big and 8cm wide. We can store a small wallet, a phone, some handkerchieves and small accessories like pen, lipgloss has two interior pockets for phone/pen.
75€ shipped worldwide.

Angelic Pretty "Rose Ribbon" earrings in lavender

[Proof Picture]
Gorgeous earrings by Angelic Pretty with gold ribbons and plastic lavender roses. The bows have glitters on them, one of them is missing (on the right earring on my proof picture), I received them this way, I didn't try them, they're brand new.

Handmade cream ring in pink

Adorable cupcake shaped ring bought from a talented person on egl_sales, worn once. The ornaments don't fall, they are very well glued on the ring. 10€

Chocomint x Ribbon Holic "Jelly" necklace in lavender and pink

Gorgeous necklace from Chocomint in collaboration with Ribbon Holic, sold out everywhere. It is pudding/jelly shaped with whipped cream and biscuits, the chain has glitter and a little golden spoon. Amazing necklace in person, it breaks my heart to sell it even if I've never worn it it's just so cute so I won't lose money on this one. 30€

I still have some Chocomint, 6%Dokidoki, Cute can Kill and Swimmer accessories for sale here :

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