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!DS AP Melty Chocolate Bag

before you comment please read this:
- my feedbacks of egl sales are here
- all payments have to be done with Paypal please
- my prices are in euro
- my prices shows price plus paypal fees plus shipping- as a Germany girl I can´t get money without paypal fees even you sent the money as gift, so I am very sorry for you I have to add in future to show you my personal cost to recieve the money
- Sales more than 15 euro have to be shipped with tracking and insurance . If you choose without tracking and insurance, you have to send the money as gift and I wont pay any money back if the item gets lost! It´s your own risk!!
- im my house lives a chiuhuahua so please aware if you have problems with dogs´hair
- no holds , no trades right now or I mentioned it different
- priority goes to the highest offer and the person who can pay first and who leaves paypal information - in this order
- I will screen your personal informations asap
- please pay in 12 hours - if you not responsing I will let the item go to an other person
- you don´t like my price - give me a fair offer please!
- all measurments are approx!!
- Please leave a comment only if you´re interest in buying, thank you

I have a melty chocolate bag for sales! I have worn it one time and its in a perfect condition.
Because I am not home right now I can ship earliest next week thursday.
The price is 150,-€ plus shipping
International incl tracking and insurance: 9,-€
Germany 6,90 DHL


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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