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DS! BTSSB OP, Sallopette, Tote , Accessorie and AATP Skirt

My Sale Rules and Info

  1. Prices include paypal
  2. Window shopping is totally cool, but please only ask questions about an item if you are serious about buying it.
  3. If you live locally and would like to pick an item up prices will be lower : )
  4. The first person to leave their Paypal gets the item
  5. I would be willing to do trades or partial trades, but only for BTSSB or AATP items.
  6. My feedback:

Red Ridding Hood OP with Hood in Ivory

$247.73 shipped in US, $264.52 hipped to Mexico and Canada, and $281.70 all other countrys 

Measurements can be found on HelloLace
I had the sleeves altered to fit me so the upper arm width is now 12 inches.
I had a professional seamstress alter the sleeve for me. The picture below shows the alteration. Extra fabric that matches the color of the dress was added to the seam in the underarm.

Striped Salopette in Sax
$114.11 shipped in the US, $130.64 shipped to Mexico and Canada,$147.82 to all other countrys

Measurements found on HelloLace
Im the first owner. This one is also in great condition. I love salopetes, they are great for casual wear and comfy. They fit like overalls. and have pockets!

AATP Star Chiffon Skirt in Navy
$114.11 shipped in the US, $130.64 shipped to Mexico and Canada,$147.82 to all other countrys

Measurements can be found on HelloLace 
Im the first owner, This skirt is like new. I've only worn in a few times.
This skirt can easily be used in and out of lolita.

Baby Canvas Totes-$20 if a larger item is purchased
$26.06 shipped to the US, $32.60 shipped to Mexico and Canada, and $34.55 to all other countrys

I have 2 totes to sell. Brand New! Never been used! These Totes are super big. The other day I used mine to carry a dress, 3 petticoats, boots, makeup bag, wallet and keys to go to a meetup and I still had room for more. There is a snap clasp and is really sturdy.

BABY Crown $30 if a larger item is purchased
$42.02 Shipped in US, $58.55 Shipped to Mexico and Canada, $75.72 to all other countrys

First owner. Only tried on. The head band is velvet so its really comfortable.  

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