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[DS/DT] BTSSB, Shirley Temple, Bodyline, Pinkage

- Payments via paypal  ( bank transfer for spanish people available )
- Price includes  WorldWide shipping with tracking
- I'm not responsible if the package get lost or affected during the travel. I don't make refunds.
- I don't smoke but I have two dogs that don't come to my room, but please be aware of it if you are allerfic.
- If you are not happy with the prices, please don't be afraid and make me an offer.
- Feedback: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/940482.html

Please, be aware that I can't ship the items before the 3rd January

Bodyline Kodona Pants
Detail Back
Price: 22€ Shipped worldwide with tracking
Condition: (brand new with tags)
Measurement: 60-68cm waist, 120cm hips

Pinkage Jessica Yellow Wig
01 02
Price: 40€ 32€ shipped worldwide
Condition: (Brand new).

Price: 20€  shipped worldwide
Damage 01 (It's a little damage on one of the pink wrist cuffs, the elastic fall a little bit. The damage is reflected in the price). For clarify, all the items of the pack are off-brand or replica, not items from Angelic Pretty or another brand.

Shirley Temple JSK
Back Print 01
Price: 105€ shipped worldwide
Measurement: 85cm bust, 74cm waist, 90cm lenght

BTSSB British regimental pleated skirt in Wine
Back Print Damage 01
Price: 205€ shipped worldwide with tracking
Condition: (It's like new, I only worn it once. When I bought it, it came with a little damage on the skirt. It isn't noticeable when you worn it. Overall, the damage is shown at the price).
Measurement: free bust, 80cm waist, 82cm lenght.


DT (Direct Trade ONLY)

BTSSB Red Riding Hood Skirt in Pink
Price: ~120€
Condition: (a little yelowish in the inside part of the shirring, not noticeable when you worn it)
Measurement: 64-68cm waist.

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand, shirley temple
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