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DS: VM Classical Doll OP, Bags, GLW, Meta Cutsew, IW Blouses, etc...


Feel free to ask questions, but do not ask about anything you don't intend to buy at that moment

Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal" Item: Location: Paypal:

(1)All buyers: sales will be shipped within 2-4 business days. Check paypal for tracking info/notification of shipment. US buyers have priority.Leaving your paypal address with a question doesn't hold your place, so I'll try to answer you asap. Send payment within 1 hour. Any later, and it becomes available to whoever sends payment first unless you make an agreement with me to pay at a later time.

Sales terms for international buyers, payment plans and other general terms, click here.
AP Chess Chocolate Bustier in Brown

Proof Back

Auction starting at $400
Current Bid:

Instant buy price: $600
Shipping: $10
Bidding ends in 3 days/72 hours or if someone buys it outright

Bust: 34-38, Waist 28-33. Brand new, I never took it out of the bag because I was able to get the color I really wanted when they re-stocked, and the buyer probably would have wanted it to be fresh & untouched. I'm still waiting on it to come in. If you need more photos, just ask.

Since this item is so expensive, I'm more comfortable if the address on your credit card/bank statement is the same as your shipping address. If you're international, you should have at least 15 seller FBs (doesn't apply to Canada or the UK). Sorry if this inconveniences anyone, ask if you have questions. I'm offering Free insurance and Delivery confirmation
Nevermind, decided to keep it and sell the Ivory. PM me if you're interested in it, otherwise, I'll just put it up for sale next week.
Rococo Classical Doll OP by Victorian Maiden

proof Back

$240 + $8 S+H. Excellent condition. 34 inch bust, 26 inch waist, 38 inches long

Grey Innocent World Blouse


$70+ $4 S+H. 36 bust, 20 inches long, It's new, just tried on.

BTSSB Black & White Headdress


$35+$4 S+H Mint condition
Metamorphose Beige/red Cutsew

$20.40+ $4 S+H 32-38 inch bust, 18 inches long, Brand new, still has the tags 
Ash White Pony Tail by Fantasy Sheep

Proof $8 + $4 S+H. New, never even tried on

Innocent World Versailles Rose Blouse

Proof back

$72 + $4 S+H. New 34 inch bust, 19 inches long
************************************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************************************** GLW Hime Cut Wig

$32 Shipped in the USA. The  cut is not uneven like the photo would suggest. It's straight across the bottom. *************************************************************************************************************
Heart Shaped Purse

The identical pink and blue one are by Loris. The last one is by a brand I don't know
Pink Loris Bag- $20 + $10 S+H
Blue Loris Bag- $15 + $10 S+H Flaw 1
Pink bag with Pearls- $10+ $10 S+H or make an offer Flaws 1 2 3 **************************************************************************************************
Unico in Bloomland Skirt here & Black Vanilla Neko JSK, taking offers on both!

Tags: !da, !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, color:brown, color:cream, color:grey, color:pink, color:white, innocent world, item:bag, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:wigs, metamorphose, victorian maiden
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