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DT! Angelic Pretty Red and White Gingham OP

<3 Prices in USD.
<3 Pet~Free.
<3 Smoke~Free.
<3 I am the 2nd owner, but only tried it on.
<3 Perfect condition. No rips, stains, or any flaws.
<3 I would like to trade, please show me what you have!
<3 Op does NOT have Shirring, SORRY!
<3 The neck is a bit too uncomfortable for me...that is why I am wishing to trade.

<3 Feedback ~ http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/976311.html

~Garu is my proof ~

<3 Angelic Pretty OP

Bust ~ 34" D
Waist ~ up to 30" but no more.
Neck ~ 13"

<3 This is a gorgeous red and white Angelic Pretty Onepiece, there is no shirring or waist ties. The zipper is in the back, a built in petti, and really pretty ribbon patterned lace. The instance I received it I tried it on quickly and discovered the neck was a tad too tight for me in the neck. My neck and the cut of the neck are almost a half inch off of eachother...>.> So I am looking to trade. I prefer JSKs and I would prefer anything in red, black, pastel green, any color really just show me what you have please. It doesn't have to be AP, it could be Meta to Baby.

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty, color:red, color:white, item:onepiece
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