krysrussell14 (krysrussell14) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

URGENT WTB/DS/DT!: Need a birthday dress


So I bought a Stary Night Theater replica from Oo Jia a few weeks ago and it came today and it is way too big and short on me D: The measurements on it are bust: 98-110cm, waist: 80-90cm, legnth: 93cm. It is the Jsk with removable straps and waist ties, the choker, headbow, bag and socks. This dress was cheaper because it is a lighter black than the others. It is still very pretty, but I wont be able to wear it for my birthday on the 6th of January. I am selling the Oo Jia dress set for $80 which is what I paid for it.
Some pictures:

What I am urgently looking for: another dress/skirt, no pink. Darker colors or not vibrant light colors are prefered. Things I really like are: High waisted skirts, more toned down prints, replicas or real prints (the replicas would need to be good), mint, white, black, brown, blue, lavender. My measurements are bust: 34inch, waist: 26inch, height 5'8". I do like anything from casual to mildly sweet to gothic. Please help! I will trade or partial trade if you are interested

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, *plus size, *replica
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