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DS ; AATP winter coat

A couple of things you need to know :

♥ Shipping is not included in the price. Ask me and I'll tell you :)! I also refund if you pay too much shipping.
♥ I accept payments via Paypal, both regular and CC Paypal.
♥ I will not accept payment plans at the moment, since I need the money. Sorry :(
♥ I have two cats, a little girly kitten who likes my wardrobe, and a big male cat who's a bit feminine and likes lolita as much as me! So there may be cat hair on my items but I will do my very best to remove them.
♥ Prices are in canadian dollars.
♥ The paypal fees are on me!
♥ If there is any problem, contact me so we can work something out. I haven't find any flaws on my items but we never know.
♥ My boyfriend smokes but my clothes are stored in the wardrobe. He obviously doesn't smoke in the wardrobe (haha), but I have to tell you just in case.

Please be aware that shipping from Canada can be a bit expensive, I'm sorry about that ;___;

Me feedback can be found here

So I'm selling this beautiful AATP coat. I reserved it and finally got it a few weeks ago. It's absolutely beaufitul but it doesn't suit me as much as I want. The sleeves are a bit short on me, and the button (the kind of buttons that snaps) at the bust area keeps detaching when I move my arms. I came to the conclusion that I look a bit ridiculous in this coat and sadly I need to sell it. I've worn it one time (well one time on my way to work and one time when I got back lol). It is in perfect state. I do not have the tags because I got this via a shopping service. It's not the warmest coat, it's warm but don't buy it if you live in an area where it's -30 degrees in winter, I don't want you to get sick ;___;

As a proof, this is me wearing the coat

This is the post on their website with the information you need :

Measurements ; THERE ARE SOME MEASUREMENTS MISSING ON THE WEBSITE. However, I can say it will not fit more than a 89cm bust (waist is pretty roomy though), unless you add something to clip in on more firmly (because the button at the bust area will keep detaching).

Price ; I'd like to get what I paid for it, so 320$. I'm honestly not very willing to negotiate, I already lost a lot of money.

Also, if you'd like, I can add some Angelic Pretty mittens for 25$ more! (I bought them to match the coat)
They really look like these but do not have the little pearl range on the bow

Princess will be my proof!

I'M ALSO SEARCHING FOR A NEW WINTER COAT, but I will have to sell this one before (or have someone nice enough to accept a payment plan :3). It must fit a 89cm bust and 75cm waist. I'm searching for something that looks more classical than sweet, and I'd like something short more than something long.

I'd love to get the Amandine short coat by mary Magdalene in almost every color.

You can always show me what you have, but I must admit I'm very difficult on winter coats hahah. No pink and no houndstooth please.

I WILL NOT TRADE except for something in my wishlist right there :

Thank you for reading this infinite post!!!
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