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DS or DT! Candy Violet Skirt and BtSSB Blouse

Terms of Sale:

- Shipping from New York, USA.
- All prices are in USD and include shipping within the US, as well as Paypal fees. Inquire about international shipping :D
- I also own a cat, but she's not allowed near my lolita clothing/closet. Still, keep this in mind if you are allergic.
- The first person to leave their Paypal address is first in line :3
- I'm open to trades and offers! As for trades, I'm mostly looking for JSKS and blouses with Peter Pan collars.
- If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
- Feedback:

My proof will be Piplup.

Candy Violet Rococo Dreams Skirt in Pink - $70

Damage 1
Damage 2
Lace Detail
Waist: 35.5cm flat. Does not go beyond a 73.5cm waist
Length: 50.5cm
Was only worn a few times with a petti underneath and is in very good condition. However, there are two small damages on the waistband. Comes with a bow that can be pinned on :D

BtSSB White Blouse - $80

Collar Detail
Small Mark
Back of Collar
Waist: 36cm flat
Bust: 40cm flat
Length: 53cm
Sleeve length (including lace at the bottom of the cuffs): 55.5cm
Shoulder Width: 37cm
This is a very beautiful blouse from BtSSB with a sailor collar and detachable sleeves. I bought it new a few years ago from Kinokuniya in NYC and only wore it three or four times. It's condition is like new, save for a very small spot on the inside of the collar. The buttons are also a little loose, but they were also that way when I bought them.

Thanks for looking! :D

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, candy violet, color:pink, color:white, item:blouse, item:skirt
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