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DS : small closet cleaning // WTB : mostly AP

Please read before purchasing, thank you!

Items will be shipped from Switzerland with regular shipping (no tracking). Shipping prices are included.
Paypal only & prices are in USD.
Priority goes to the buyer who leaves their paypal address first.
My feedback can be found on this page.
Prices are negotiable.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


1) Innocent World Heart Cross Strap Sandals Sold to curly_b

More stock pictures

Picture of the soles

Size LL, 25.5cm. I am selling them because they are too big for me.
Brand new, unworn.

- EU: 80$
- Rest of the world: 100$

2) Offbrand pink engineer boots

Size: EUR 39, but fit like a 38. Brand new, unworn.

- EU: 50$
- Rest of the world: 70$

3) Dear Celine Tartan skirt

Size M. Worn twice, good condition.

- EU: 55$
- Rest of the world: 65$

4) AATP Magnolia Headbow

Excellent condition.

- EU: 40$
- Rest of the world: 45$

5) AP Toy Fantasy socks Sold to sugary_yue

Brand new.

- EU: 40$
- Rest of the world: 45$

5) AP Girly heart OTK Sold to sugary_yue

Worn, good condition.

- EU: 32$
- Rest of the world: 37$

5) Gothic&Lolita Brown Split Wig Sold to ML

Worn twice, i love it but it doesn't suit me.

- EU: 35$
- Rest of the world: 40$

Want to buy

Marshmallow Border OTK socks - white x pink
Tricky striped OTK - pink or lavender

AP long sleeves blouse w/ bow tie - pink or black found!

AP knit cardigan/bolero - pink or white found!

Rose Garden hair barette - this colorway

Milky-chan of the fawn ring - pink

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