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DS! DT! Loli Lot "Closet Cleaning" Btssb, Bodyline, Offbrand

ebay feedback is more dependable

•I am open to partial trade.
•This could be great for starters, you get a little taste of almost everything.
•I will ship at the post office (usps) with a tracking number.
•I live in a smoking household (my mom :( ) but all items will be washed upon shipment guaranteed!

•I am not responsible for lost packages.
•Paypal only Please
•Payment plans accepted.
•More photos will be taken upon request.

Please calculate international here http://postcalc.usps.gov/

(These items are heavy)
Individual prices are stated below. Shipping is not included
Proof is my sewing cushion


Polka dot jsk in pink. $40 + shipping

Bodyline photo 

Bodyline Pannier $10 + shipping (on hold)

Size M
•Elastic waist
•Lavender color
•The print is hearts
•I have no use for this..I don't know why I bought it.
•Will be Shipped in bodyline packaging
•First Owner

Bodyline Plaid Skirt $21 + shipping

Size M
*Purple, cream, baby blue
•I removed the top two bows.
•it comes with waist ties
•There is elastic in the back, and a waist band in the front. A zipper on the side.
•I only found one of the bows I removed, so that will will be shipped. So you will have 2/3
•no shirring, side zip.
•I can fit 2 petties under this skirt
•Very flowy and cute
•First Owner

bodyline link: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/photos/l342-2.jpg?12/28/2011%202:10:44%20PM

Bodyline night dress $10 + shipping (on hold)

Size M
*Lavender color
•I have no use for this either…it was cute so I bought it xD
•Only tried on
•First Owner

Bodyline Carousel Dress $45+ Shipping ¬

•Size 2L
•This dress is adorable! but the lace on the bottom did not appeal to me.
• Only tried on
•Third Owner
•Purchased on sales

                                          Baby the Stars Shine Bright
BTSSB Cutsew Dress $70 + shipping
Size?? (small I believe)
•I purchased this a few weeks ago..I love it but it does not flatter me much :(
•The dress is very thick and warm
•The color is like a deep red
•I tried this on twice
•Second Owner

BTSSB Cutsew $38 + shipping Traded!
•Size Small, never worn
•36" bust Max
•Pink with lace.
•It has five fairy looking girls at the bottom
• I only tried this on, never wore it.
•Third owner
•Purchased on sales

Off brand white blouse $5 + shipping
•Size S/M I believe
•It has lacing in the back, no shirring
•The sleeves are not detachable
•Never worn, only tried on.
•Second owner

Thank you <3

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