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DS! DoL Melty Chocolate OP Replica (SOLD)


I am selling my Melty Chocolate Replica OP so I have a little extra for my new place and I'm moving really soon. (I'm very new at this so please bare with me!)
The dress is in very good condition (details below)
Worn only once

I'm shipping from Ontario, Canada.
Shipping fees are not included in the price. (If you are interested please let me know where you are and I will send you an estimate!)
I have pets but I never let them near my clothes.
I am not responsible for lost or damage packages ( If you request it, I can send you a picture of the package before I ship it!)
Melty Chocolate OP (Pink) + Headbow and Wristcuffs $90 CAD   SOLD!
Size XL (Bust: 95cm, Waist: 82cm, Length: 95cm (according to Qutieland website))
In almost brand new condition, the only issue was the zipper on the side which I had taken apart and sewn back up to allow the zipper to get past the waistband. (I have more pictures if you would like to see before hand.)

If you have any questions or would like to see more images please leave a comment and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Tags: !ds, color:pink, item:onepiece
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