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WTB! AP, AATP, META, MmM, Rose melody, SsP.

Hello everybody

I am looking for some dream item's.

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Angelic pretty

star night theatre headbow (black)
star night theater hat ring (black)
star night theatre socks (black)
Marionette otk sock (black)
star night theatre bangle (black)
star night theatre bracelet (black)
star night theatre hat (black)
Star night theater jsk bare (black) 
Star night theater tote bag (black)
Polkadot love heart nacklace (black x pink) 
Polkadot love heart bracelet (black x pink)
Playing card carnival pony ring (black or pink)
Playing card carnival pony ring (black or pink)
Playing card carnival pony bracelet (black of pink)
Playing card carnival pony necklace (black of pink)
Fantasic bottle necklace (pink)
Fantasic bottle tote bag (black)
Fantasic bottle ring (pink)
Fantasic bottle bracelet (pink)
Magical trick bangle (black or pink)
Magical trick ring (black or pink)
Magical trick necklace (black or pink or pink x black)
Magical star ring (black or pink)
Magical star bracelet (black or pink)
Magical moon ring (black or pink)
Magical moon necklace (black or pink)
Rose toilett necklace (black x pink)
Rose toilett skirt (black)
Fruit parlor bag (black x pink)
Fruit parlor headbow (black x pink)
Fruit parlor socks (black x pink)
Aqua princess jsk (black x purple)
Aqua princess skirt (black purple)
Aqua princess choker (black x purple)
twinkle mermaid skirt (black)
 holy night story skirt (black)
holy night story jsk (black)
holy night story tote bag (black)
Milky way skirt (black)
Ballerina print skirt (black x white) (favorite <3)
Honey cake skirt (pink)
wonder story jsk with collar (black)
Fantasic dolly high waist jsk (black) 
 puppet circus jsk (black x gold) 
Heart bag (pink or black or white)
Donut bag (black or pink)
Star shoulder bag (black or pink)
Plenty of ribbons turtleneck cutsew (black or pink)
Tricky striped sock (black or pink)

I'm very intresed in Angelic Pretty and wristcuff in black,navy,pink,white. and some cute blouse/cutsew's

Alice and the pirates

Vampire requiem jsk (black)
St mephisto cathédrale jsk (black)
St Mephisto cathedrale skirt (black)
Victorian card print jsk (black)
black cat, witch and the apple tree jsk (black)

black cat, witch and the apple tree headbow (black)

black cat, witch and the apple tree socks (black)

black cat, witch and the apple tree necklace (black)
 Beauty and the rose promise jsk, (black x grey )(black x navy)
 Beauty and the rose prmise corset skirt (black x navy) (black x grey)

Beauty and the rose promise necklace (black)
Twillight circus skirt (black) 

Twillight circus socks (black)
Melty Mermaid skirt (black x purple)

melty mermaid headdres (black x purple)

Melty meraid socks (black)

Headress (black) (white)

Cross bag ( black x silver)
twiliight circus Bag (black x white x gold)

Striped socks (every color)

diamond Socks (every color)

Metamorphose temps de fille.

Swan lake jsk (black)

swan lake high waist skirt (black) (pink)
swam lake bag (black) (pink)

Twinkle Journay jsk (black)

Twinkle Journay skirt (black)

Fairty tale serie in (black)


Silent moon jsk (Black x white)

Silent moon handbag (black x white)
 gothic arch print, every color.
holy stained glass jsk (black x white) 
divine cross, print sun dress  (black x white)

divine cross velveteen skirt (black x white)
iron gate, jsk every color
church gate jsk (black x white) (black x navy) (black x white)

cathedral print jsk (black x black) (black x white)

rosenkreuz jsk (black) 

lace pattern flock jsk (black)

Jsk (black)

asymmetry skirt (black x navy)
choker (every color)

I'm also very intresed in headdres/headbows/socks/necklace/chocker etc

Rose melody

Merry-go-round jsk (black x white)

Rosa crucifix skirt (black x navy)

Rosa Crucifix blouse (black x navy)

Rose melody, Rozen maiden blouse (black x navy)

Surface spell gothic 

Cathedral long skirt, (black x navy) (black x black)

Cathedral skirt, (black x navy) (black x black)

Cathedral jsk (black x navy)



ice skirt, (black)

clock (black)

Dear Celine,

High waist skirt (black)

I'm very intresed in this kind of style blouse

Shoes shoes shoes<3

rocking horse shoes in black size 38

In white, size 38

juliette et justine 

Baby the star shine bright.

I looking for the FIRST sock. I dont know the name of.

Thank you~!

Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, bodyline, color:black, dear celine, item:bag, item:jumperskirt, item:shoes, item:skirt, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie, rose melody
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